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[my] Firefox release tracker Burmese


(Mozilla Localizations :: my / Burmese, defect)

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(Reporter: Pike, Unassigned)


(Blocks 1 open bug)


This is a tracker bug for releasing Firefox my.

This bug is not that detailed, but as we get particular work items, they should
block this bug for tracking and discoverability.

The "bugs" here are tracking indiviual items of work. Some of those will depend on the localization team to be driven to completion, others are for infrastructure that will be handled by staff. I'll indicate which in the individual bugs.

This is based on the reviews I've done in bug 662746.
Depends on: 723960
Depends on: 723961
Depends on: 723964
Depends on: 723969
Component: Other → my / Burmese
QA Contact: my
This bug is very useful as it named released tracker.I eventually understand how you guys were going with this bugzilla.
Enjoin working with you guys.

[ Just thanks you " message but in advance ]
Depends on: 839506
Seems like this is ready to go. What fx release will this version launch with?
Depends on: 846787
Depends on: 846788
Depends on: 846790
Depends on: 846791
Depends on: 846806
Depends on: 846805
Depends on: 847864
Depends on: 883906
We've put the effort to ship Firefox Desktop in Burmese on hold, thus resolving this as INCOMPLETE.

If we resume the effort, we should get new bugs on file for what's needed at that time.
Closed: 5 years ago
Resolution: --- → INCOMPLETE
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