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several dom/imptests/html/dom/ranges/test_Range-xxx mochitests disabled on android


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In bug 775227, several mochitests in dom/imptests/webapps/DOMCore/tests/approved have been disabled on android (in android.json) on suspicion of causing out of memory errors on the Tegras. Additional investigation is required to verify this test's memory use and determine if it can be re-enabled on Android.

The disabled tests are:

Blocks: 775227
Blocks: 438871
Blocks: 772632, 778954
I ran additional tests of test_Range-cloneContents.html on a Galaxy S, loading just this single test; OOM problems persisted (ddms system info showed a dramatic decline in free memory to near zero, the Android low memory killer killed all background processes, and fennec memory pressure was often triggered).

I found that simply reducing the range of tests made a dramatic difference; with this change:

-for (var i = 0; i < testRanges.length; i++) {
+for (var i = 0; i < testRanges.length / 2; i++) {

the test completed reliably with no sign of OOM / low memory.
I'm guessing the problem here is that a pair of iframes is created for each test.  I did this to make debugging easier, as it says at the top of the test:

To debug test failures, look at the URL of the hidden iframes corresponding
to the test at the end of the document, load those individually, and use your
browser's debugging tools.

It would be a lot more efficient to get rid of iframes we were done using.  test_Range-insertNode.html does this, and allow you to debug using a different technique:

To debug test failures, add a query parameter with the test id (like
"?5,16").  Only that test will be run.  Then you can look at the resulting
iframes in the DOM.

So porting all the iframe-using Range tests to use that technique would probably fix it.
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Blocks: 875585
These tests were toned down a bit, so possibly they could be reenabled on Android.
Summary: several dom/imptests/webapps/DOMCore/tests/approved/test_Range-xxx mochitests disabled on android → several dom/imptests/html/dom/ranges/test_Range-xxx mochitests disabled on android
(In reply to :Aryeh Gregor from comment #3)
> So porting all the iframe-using Range tests to use that technique would
> probably fix it.

I have done this in bug 933072.
Geoff, who could look into reenabling this?  roc fixed this test so it shouldn't use up a ton of memory now.
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I can take that on -- will try to get to it in the next week or so.
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Dammit, mid-aired.

I sent a patch to enable them to try: <>; looks like they're pretty green.
That's great -- let's enable them.
Assignee: gbrown → Ms2ger
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Patch v1

lgtm :-)

(Btw a review request to a watched user sadly doesn't generate the correct bugmail, due to bug 179701 - I saw this because of the CC that it happens to perform at the same time)
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Alas! Bug 663657 shows a big increase in mochitest-5 failures in dom/imptests beginning approx Nov 28. I think we need to disable these again.
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Agreed. This is going to miss the uplift, so I'll land this on Aurora later as well.
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Not going to drive this.
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Merge of backout. Let's leave this out for a few days and see if things improve or not. We can always re-land if they don't.
Geoff, should we re-land this? Your call :)
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Yes, let's re-land.
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