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IonMonkey: Fix v8-regexp performance


(Core :: JavaScript Engine, defect)

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(Depends on 4 open bugs, Blocks 1 open bug)


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Our score on v8-regexp is about 1300, to Crankshaft and JSC's 3650. A 180% improvement would increase our overall v8 score by ~13-14%.

This depends on bug 740015 (updating Yarr again), but that alone doesn't change our score. Newer versions of Yarr have a special JIT mode that can match without capturing subexpressions, and we'll need to use that for applicable regex functions.
Whiteboard: [ion:p1]
Depends on: 820118
Depends on: 820124
Depends on: 836087
Depends on: 836102
Depends on: 845321
Depends on: 847450
Depends on: 847682
Depends on: 848319
Depends on: 848352
Depends on: 850534
Depends on: 850536
Depends on: 879402
Seems like a not-so-nice 50% regression during mid-november (possibly due to octane upgrade) put us back close to where we started a year ago.
Yes, octane-regexp changed to require creation of the results array. Our previous optimization, MatchOnly mode, therefore no longer applies.
Depends on: 951439
Depends on: 951947
Depends on: 956726
Depends on: 957533
Depends on: 957534
Depends on: 957542
Depends on: 957570
Depends on: 965712
Depends on: 966040
AWFY says that Chrome x86 is 40% faster on Win8 than OSX while Firefox stays about the same. I wonder what trick they use to do that?
Depends on: 974350
Assignee: general → nobody
Depends on: 1050884
Depends on: 1056524
Depends on: 1113955
Depends on: 1115355
Depends on: 1184945
Depends on: 1187438

Perhaps the keywords "meta" and/or "tracking" should be added to this bug.

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