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[FIXr]Small CSS line-height causes form elements to display oddly


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See attached document.  Problem is especially apparent on select box.  Can be
worked-around with: 
May be by design.
Attached file Testcase (obsolete) —
Perhaps the way to fix this is by rules in ua.css?  Although really it might be
nice if the form controls used something less general than the block & inline
layout code.
Assignee: karnaze → rods
Component: Layout → HTML Form Controls
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QA Contact: petersen → vladimire
Why is this a bug?
Whiteboard: INVALID? what's the bug?
Form elements shouldn't be affected by line-height in this way.  (Find the part
of CSS2 that says that they should be. :-)
Find the part that says they are special cased. :-)
Find the general case that they're an example of. :-)
Does 'inline-block' count? :-)
When you can point to a specification that describes how its contents can be
rendered and can describe the rendering of form controls in terms of it.
Well, the form controls can be described in terms of inline-block and the XUL-
style box model, as demonstrated by, er, XUL. That's not normative though,
granted. Time for me to work some more on my UI draft...

However, just because the spec doesn't say that form controls shouldn't be
affected by line-height doesn't imply the opposite. Should 'background' affect
form controls? Many web authors certainly want it to.
The issue I was focusing on wasn't as general as should the form elements even 
take that attribute.  What I was noting was that when it does take that 
attribute, the text is offset, but the form elements themselves are not.  It 
gets even weirder with the more complex form elements, select and textarea.  
The testcase shows them all.  In particular, look at how the select options act 
when you mouse over them.
Depending on how exactly we define the form controls, what we do now might
actually be correct. It's suboptimal though, IMHO, yes.

This will get fixed once we switch to truly CSS-based form controls (the XBL
form controls).
Whiteboard: INVALID? what's the bug?
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I think this is a dupe of bug 79999...
Sort of.. but this seems to cover it better

*** This bug has been marked as a duplicate of 79999 ***
Closed: 21 years ago
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verifying duplicate
The dropdown was fixed from bug 82626, but there are still other issues.  Look
at the test case again.  In addition, the fix might have broken something else..
to see what I mean, select all of the items in the Bugzilla query.  there are
now spaces between random selected lines.
Resolution: DUPLICATE → ---
fix for bug 82626 was backed out; thus, the problem returns
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Moving to Future
Target Milestone: mozilla1.0 → Future
Keywords: mozilla0.9.8
Hmm textarea seems to work properly now, but not the other form elements.
Keywords: mozilla0.9.8mozilla1.0
The effects are even worse using XBLFC: weird scrollbars and stuff.
Reconfirmed using FizzillaCFM/2002071208. Setting Platform=All.
Hardware: PC → All
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OK.  I think the fact that there is a block inside the form control is
completely and utterly an implementation detail.  At the very least we should
put line-height:normal on all controls in forms.css; I would like to make that
!important, myself.  Fwiw, hyatt agrees with me.  So unless there's some
_really_ good reason we should not do it (like "that violates the spec" good;
not doing it is a compat nightmare that we should not be causing)...
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Agreed, of course.
Assignee: rods → bzbarsky
Attachment #35703 - Attachment is obsolete: true
The only one of these which gives me any pause at all is textarea... For the
one, perhaps the setting should not be !important.  For all the rest, it should
definitely be !important.
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Summary: Small CSS line-height causes form elements to display oddly → [FIX]Small CSS line-height causes form elements to display oddly
Target Milestone: Future → mozilla1.3alpha
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disable line-height on all form controls

r=jkeiser if you remove height: auto !important on optgroup ... maybe we need
to talk about disabling a bunch of stuff at once with a comment "disabling to
keep people from using this crap on their web pages"
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Attachment #104279 - Attachment is obsolete: true
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same without height: auto !important

sr=dbaron (and transferring r=jkeiser)
Attachment #104577 - Flags: superreview+
Attachment #104577 - Flags: review+
Summary: [FIX]Small CSS line-height causes form elements to display oddly → [FIXr]Small CSS line-height causes form elements to display oddly
fixed for 1.3a
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verifying build 2003-01-17-04-trunk
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