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Integrate Firefox DevTools into SeaMonkey


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Hi. I'm quite sure a bug like this should exist already, but I couldn't find it.

I believe a considerable part of Seamonkey users are developers, and we're not doing much for them. So I was thinking... why don't we integrate the new Firefox developers tools into Seamonkey, too? I've been using them for a while and they're great. Since Firebug is not compatible with Seamonkey anymore, I believe it would be a great help for developers. Is there any technical reason why we can't integrate them?
Depends on: 574955
A lot of code lives in browser/ and relies on browser UI and components. Things have improved with some of the recent changes we've been doing. Nonetheless, there's still a lot of work to make the entire set of devtools to work with Seamonkey.

It might be easier to start off with one tool at a time. For example the Web Console and the JS Debugger have a lot of code in toolkit, and the UI is fairly self-contained.

In the Web Console's case HUDService.jsm is the Firefox UI glue-layer. If you replace HUDService with a Seamonkey-specific implementation and other small bits, one should be able to get the Web Console working with Seamonkey. The webconsole.xul and webconsole.js files should be much safer - albeit they are not 100% "clean". There's also bug 768103.

For the debugger the story might be similar, but I do not know the UI code very well.
After almost a year, are there any news on the feasibility of this implementation?
Edmund was looking into this in Bug 574955 (Make webconsole work in SeaMonkey) but it was a moving target and back then a lot of code was hard coded for firefox. Bug 768103 should certainly help matters.
Depends on: 768103
Duplicate of this bug: 1114519
Note that Firebug (inofficially) allows to be installed on SeaMonkey until now and people are obviously using it[1]. As the upcoming Firebug 3 will be based on the DevTools, there won't be any support for it anymore as long as the DevTools are not included in SeaMonkey.


Alias: smdevtools
Summary: Integrate Firefox Development Tools in Seamonkey → Integrate Firefox DevTools into Seamonkey
Summary: Integrate Firefox DevTools into Seamonkey → Integrate Firefox DevTools into SeaMonkey
Blocks: FF2SM
Depends on: 760799
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Depends on: 1182722
No longer depends on: 768103
Depends on: 1223338
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Blocks: 1226422
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No longer depends on: 1237303
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Keywords: meta
Depends on: 1297546
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Whiteboard: [devtools]

In SeaMonkey final, we have the following non-functional items:

  • Tools>Web Development>Responsive Design View;
  • in the Toolbox Settings panel, Ctrl+Shift+M is advertised for "Responsive Design Mode", but has no effect, regardless of setting;
  • Tools>Web Development>Developer Toolbar (Shift+F2);
  • Tools>Web Development>Eyedropper - see bug 1292045: however, the eyedropper tool on the header of the Toolbox Inspector panel works.
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