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OAuth2 Error recovery flow from account settings


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We need to parse WWW-Authenticate response header in the status 401 case to determine the cause and if it looks like expiry we notify the main thread (propagate up through CalDAV lib) to show the OAuth2 flow again to force a re-authentication. The UX here is still being decided upon.
Blocks: gaia-caldav2
Keywords: late-l10n
Depends on: 869227
Depends on: 869230
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Summary: Handle refresh_token expiry in oauth2 cases and allow the user to reauthenticate → OAuth2 Error recovery flow from account settings
Blocks: 870664
Depends on: 868197
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Pointer to Github pull request:

OK- here is the new error handling logic... In addition to your usual through reviews It would be majorly helpful to go through and retry _everything_ related to setting up and editing accounts...

To test a normal CalDAV case changing your password is required.

For the Google OAuth2 case you must follow these steps:

Click your username somewhere
Click account
Click security (on the left )
Directly under "Connected applications and sites" and on the right click "manage access" revoke "testing oauth"
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For reference, I think the URL of the page to invalidate tokens is:
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