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[Tracking bug] create new branch "integration/b2g-inbound"


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tl;dr: we've used birch as experimental b2g-inbound for the last 6 weeks. It works great. Sheriffs and devs love it, so we're making it permanent.

Before the Madrid workweek 15apr2013, we started an experiment of using "birch" as a branch to reduce load on mozilla-inbound. All b2g developer landing gecko changes would use "birch", and sheriffs would monitor/backout/land-to-central as needed. All non-b2g developers landing gecko changes continue to use mozilla-inbound or mozilla-central as usual.  

This helps reduce the volume of checkins on mozilla-inbound, which helps reduce the likelihood of m-i treeclosure. If m-i is closed, b2g changes to gecko can continue to land on birch/b2g-inbound. If birch/b2g-inbound is closed, non-b2g changes to gecko can continue to land on m-i. This reduces the pressures on sheriffs during treeclosure of either branch. In further goodness, even without any tree closures, using two inbounds like this has increased the total number of checkins that can land. 

We've used this process now for ~6 weeks and its been wildly successful, with sheriffs+developers, so we're going to make this permanent. "integration/b2g-inbound" should be created beside "integration/mozilla-inbound".

In addition to creating repos, this will require changes to hg-git replications, buildbot configs, tbpl, graphserver... which should be filed as separate dep bugs.

Once all this is done, and tested, we can coordinate with sheriffs to transition developer-usage over to b2g-inbound, and afterwards can file bug to free up birch for normal short-term-rental use.
Can I bikeshed on the name here? I would prefer inbound-b2g instead so that we can have a sort-of inbound-xxx convention as we possibly add more down the road (for example, maybe inbound-alt as the official name for our current cypress/inbound2 experiment).
Agree with Ryan, inbound-b2g would be preferable.

Unrelated, we'll also need to make sure we enable the commit message hook, since it's not currently enabled for Birch (see bug 887184 comment 0).
Summary: [Tracking bug] create new branch "integration/b2g-inbound" → [Tracking bug] create new branch "integration/inbound-b2g"
OS: Mac OS X → All
Hardware: x86 → All
Per email discussion, we'll use the following pattern for all inbound branches:

This is consistant with the current m-i:
so this repository will be
Summary: [Tracking bug] create new branch "integration/inbound-b2g" → [Tracking bug] create new branch "integration/b2g-inbound"
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Depends on: 895001
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Depends on: 895005
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Depends on: 898198
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