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[story] Developer support for "Synthetic APKs" in the FFx Marketplace


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User Story

1. As a developer, I want to submit a standard open web app or a packaged FXOS app, not an APK

3. As Marketplace, we will create an APK automatically (APK Factory)

6. As a developer, I would like to be able to post my open web app on other app stores or websites and be able to leverage the APK Factory for producing APKs for users who wants to install my app.
- Updated Kitchen Sink App w/ newest APIs
- Reference app for synthetic APKs
- Dev Docs and tools for synthetic APKs
Depends on: 888391
No longer depends on: 896005
- how to make an apk
- manage my apk
- how to test an apk
User Story: (updated)
Modified the User Story to streamline with C&C APK Factory (
User Story: (updated)
Depends on: 896005
Depends on: 911285
Depends on: 936669
No longer depends on: 896005
No longer depends on: 911285
No longer depends on: 936669
Blocks: 941926
No longer blocks: 896003
User Story: (updated)
Depends on: 946915
Blocks: 947023
No longer blocks: 941926
Depends on: 930389
there is no need for the developer to opt out of the auto-generated APK. The option to select Android is enough. The user consumes the open webapp as an apk is still an open webapp for Android.
User Story: (updated)
We should talk about what this means:

> 4. As a developer, I can review the APK before it is submitted for review 
> 5. As a developer, I can review before it is submitted to the marketplace after review approved.  

Currently a developer uploads their app, fills out some data, and it goes into the review queue.  It sounds like those user stories is saying the developer uploads their app, fills out some data, downloads/validates their APK conversion, and then it goes into the queue.

We don't want to add more steps in the upload process, and in every other area of APK Factory v1 we have aimed for transparency - I'm not sure these two stories are still valid.  Thoughts?
I added one more use case so that QA can test and verify that the APK Factory works outside the Marketplace.
User Story: (updated)
I think you are right. Item #4 is for sure not needed. Item #5 may be relevant. Let's bring it up tomorrow. And as we are seeing the packaging as a consumer value proposition, the reviewer should be qualified to approve the APK for release without involving the developer.
Depends on: 958745
Depends on: 958747
User Story: (updated)
No longer depends on: 930389
No longer depends on: 888391
> 4. As a developer, I can review the APK before it is submitted for review 

As an app developer, I would like to be able to *test* my work - before I hand it to anybody else, including reviewers, so I want to download the APK and at least have the option to pause the process at this point. So, I agree this is a good story.
It's indeed a good story but it will alter the submission flow from where a 'normal' webapp is submitted to where the same webapp is made available for Android as an APK. But it's essentially the same webapp, though with an APK wrapper that enables the very same webapp to be installed and launch on Android as other apps. 

I'll bring it up with the Android review team
My story (4.) doesn't have to happen during submission. It's OK and in fact natural when the "Build APK" is a completely separate and earlier process before the submission.

When developing a webapp for Firefox web, Firefox OS (mobile), and Firefox GeckoView (basically manually developed what you call "Synthetic APK"), I did find significant differences which resulted in major bugs. I'll spare you the list, but suffice to say that:
Testing is necessary. It's obligatory that I test my webapp as APK as part of my dev cycle, many weeks before I submit it.
No longer depends on: 958745
No longer depends on: 958747
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