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[project] Add content ratings to Marketplace


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Add international content ratings to Marketplace apps. This will entail
1. adding the creation of new content ratings or ingesting existing content ratings systems.
2. Calling the IARC rating tool and creating a rating certificate.
3. Ingesting a rating certificate for an app so that we can set the rating for each country/region
4. checking the ratings to ensure consistency before an app is published
5. getting rating updates
6. displaying ratings with apps based on the region.
7. displaying app rating descriptors and interactive elements for more info (i.e. graphic violience)
8. Updating APIs

Ratings systems supported:
PEGI (Europe except Germany)
DEJUS (Brazil)
USK (Germany)
generic (all other regions)
Depends on: 928587
No longer depends on: 928587
Depends on: 928575
Depends on: 928587
No longer depends on: 928575
Depends on: 929217
Depends on: 929113
Depends on: 929802
Depends on: 928533
No longer depends on: 929113
Depends on: 929811
Depends on: 929812
No longer depends on: 929811
Depends on: 929820
Depends on: 931871
No longer depends on: 929802
Depends on: 941780
No longer depends on: 929217
Depends on: 948076
Depends on: 948078
Depends on: 948137
No longer depends on: 948076
Depends on: 957333
No longer depends on: 957333
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