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Implement array methods on %TypedArray%


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Not set





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In the current ES6 spec, Array.prototype methods are present on %TypedArray%.prototype as well:

%TypedArray%.prototype.copyWithin - implemented in bug 1021379
%TypedArray%.prototype.values - also not on Array yet, see bug 875433.

%TypedArray%.{of, from} is bug 896608

Definitions start here:

See also this v8 issue:

We might want separate bugs for these methods, in that case this bug could act as a tracking bug.
In case anyone's thinking of working on these: *please* *please* do them self-hosted.  (This will be far easier after bug 896116 lands, soon.  We'll need to add an intrinsic or two to help out, but it should be easy enough.)  C++ implementations for this are more fragile than I care to accept, and indeed I plan to self-host the current C++ functions Real Soon Now after that bug lands.
Depends on: 1078975
Depends on: 1081435
Depends on: 1101256
Depends on: 1101258
Depends on: 1107567
Depends on: 1107601
Depends on: 1107645
Depends on: 1111516
Depends on: 1113722
Depends on: 1115361
Depends on: 1115817
Depends on: 1116390
Depends on: 1117350
Depends on: 896608
Nice progress so far! :)

fwiw, it seems like I forgot 


in the list above.
Depends on: 1119217
Depends on: 1121935
Depends on: 1121936
Depends on: 1121937
Depends on: 1121938
Depends on: 1138906
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Yay! \o/
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