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support the "multiple searches in a row with default engine" search case (for shoppers and researchers)


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Use case:

- researcher wants to do 10 searches in a row with xarchiv, or metafilter, or wikiepdia
- shopper wants to do 10 searches on ebay, amazon, gilt.

In both populations, desire:
1. suggestions come from the alternate engine
2. 'default search' (general result) remains the same

Claims about this population:
1.  they are power users.  Changing the engine before was POWERFUL ENOUGH TO BE WORTH LEARNING. They know right click and long click, *or would learn it*.
2.  They are 'dependent superfans'.  They want to use Firefox, and want to stay loyal.
3.  This is a Wizard feature.  It doesn't need to be discoverable.
4.  They are more likely to be popularizers / trend-setters, and thus have high value. 

Possible solutions (given those claims):
1.  Long press or right press on tile changes it to default... temporarily (session?  restart).  The icon would have some indicator of 'tempness'.
2.  Offically supported addon that does *some* of the old behaviour?

(obviously this a dupe of MANY MANY bugs. I wanted to make a positive, expansive one, in the hope that it would lead to a solution!)
(I have enough trust in my co-workers to not follow this bug.  ;)

Also, I suggest ctrl/cmd click on the search engine as another way to set the (possibly-temporary) default.
It could even be promoted _as_ a Wizard-level feature…  "Level up your searching!" kinda thing.  :)
Gregg - that's helpful framing, thank you (i.e. advanced users who already know certain keyboard tricks... and who could learn other tricks).

Some off-the-top-of-my-head ideas that don't involve changing the whole user model or introducing more modes:

- how about at any point where the drop-down is open, the CTRL-up and CTRL-down keyboard commands cycle through the defaults as they do right now? The person mentioning this issue in IRC today mentioned that we broke the keyboard shortcut specifically.


- we could also/instead: have a right click on the "default search provider header" that lets you change the default right there. Possibly also right clicks on the one-click options below could surface a "make this default"?


Some of this could be supported by a related thought we were discussing about showing the whole UI with history search suggestions, etc., when you click on the magnifying glass with an empty field.
Speaking as a non-UX expert...

I like option 1 if we kept the icon for the current default search highlighted in the list at the bottom (just so you know where you are in the list when you ctrl-up/down). It could only appear if you've used ctrl-up/down if we want to keep the clean look.

I like "right clicks on the one-click options below could surface a "make this default"?" because that feels like it's actually very discoverable (the "Yahoo search" bar doesn't have any interactivity so it's less likely to trigger the "I know this does something, let's see what happens when I right-click" curiosity.
Duplicate of this bug: 1109249
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Hello Madhava et al:

Per Gregg's feedback: I agree in general but I want to point out that we had a discoverable way to change your default search engines pre-34, so it's possible that there are non-power-users using this feature.

Per Madhava's first mock:  I really like the ideas and think that it's an elegant solution, however I have a minor issue with it.  The proposed model seems to be replacing the nth search engine with the default, then moving the old default to position 1 in the "tray".  This means that as you scroll through the list you end up reversing your list.  So let's say the default is 0 and you have 1,2,3,4 in the tray.  As you Ctrl + Down you'll get 1 2 3 4 -> 0 2 3 4 -> 1 0 3 4 -> 2 1 0 4 etc.  I think that we would actually need to preserve the order of the list so what you're actually selecting is what engine you want to replace the default: 1 2 3 4 -> 0 2 3 4 -> 0 1 3 4 etc.

Per Madhava's second mock: I really like this one!  Perhaps this can be used in congunction with the first for keyboard shortcuts, or we make Ctrl + down/up open up the list iterface.

Just on a personal note I've been thinking of some minor-ish tweaks that I would enjoy (and this is just my personal opinions not the opinion of the Advocacy team).  Personally, I like that we featured the default search engine so prominantly in 34.  However, I do feel that it's taking up screen real estate in an odd place and have attached a mock of what I would like to see.  Just an idea, I'm no UX expert (I mean I made the mock in the Linux equivalent of MS Paint :) )

Doh, I added an earlier version of my mock.  Corrected :)
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Does this proposed change (corrected_search_suggestions) also affect context searches, in the specific sense of preserving the functionality of addons such as ?
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I see two additional problems here:

1. 'Ctrl' + 'Up'/'Down' is good, but to change my search engine I need to press 'Ctrl' and many 'Up' or 'Down' keys (possible more than 10 times) instead of just *one* mose click! I want switch default engine to any other in one mouse click. I have more than 20 search plugins in my Firefox, some of plugins I made myself.

2. Some search plugins can use same icons - without names in list, with only icons, it is hard to select one I need. For example if I using 2 wikipedias for 2 different languages, both with same icons. In my system I have up to 4 search plugins with same icon, but different names and different request parameters (this plugins are all for one site, but with different requests).
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