XPCOM a11y APIs need to implement proxies in terms of remote COM objects for Windows a11y




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When encountering a proxy, the current XPCOM a11y API calls into ProxyAccessible which implements the remoting in terms of IPDL calls. In the Windows e10s a11y world, the proxy needs to be implemented in terms of remoted COM objects.

In bug 1268544 I have temporarily modified the XPCOM implementations to return NS_ERROR_NOT_IMPLEMENTED when encountering the remote proxy case on Windows builds. We need to implement the proper APIs so that we can enable full testing.
Summary: XPCOM a11y APIs need to be implemented in terms of remote COM objects for Windows a11y → XPCOM a11y APIs need to implement proxies in terms of remote COM objects for Windows a11y
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Michael this is something Trevor indicated you could work on in your last week.
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Can this bug be closed out now?
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I don't think we can. We have a number of non-implemented xpcom methods of xpcAccesible for windows - https://dxr.mozilla.org/mozilla-central/source/accessible/xpcom/xpcAccessible.cpp#347,370,390,577,600,625,646,665,684,705,724,748,772,790,809 . I think, however we can remove the aes+ flag from this bug as all browser chrome tests blocking ones where implemented by Eitan.
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Eitan can we close this?
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I'm fine closing this and opening individual bugs when we need more xpcom interfaces in windows.
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