File Bookmark in context menus, not Bookmark This Page.



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BuildID:    2002040303

It seems to me that rather than having "Bookmark This Page" in the context
menus, we should have "File Bookmark".  The latter does exactly the same thing,
with the exception of an additional mouse click, but it also adds far more

I discovered this when I was unable to access "File Bookmark", in order to
create a tab group, except via the menu.  In the old context menu I could access
"File Bookmark".

Alternatively, a context menu item of "Bookmarks" could expand into any of the
bookmark sub-menus, including the two mentioned above.

Reproducible: Always
Steps to Reproduce:
1. Right-click.
2. See "Bookmark This Page".

Actual Results:  Only "Bookmark This Page" is available in the new context menus.

Expected Results:  There should be some method of getting to "File Bookmark" via
the new context menus - either by replacing "Bookmark This Page", or by using a
"Bookmarks" item that expands into further bookmark commands.
Confirmed, 2002040303, Mac OS 9.2. Without the confirmation provided by the 
File Bookmark dialog, someone mousing up in slightly the wrong place when 
aiming for Save Page As could easily end up adding a bookmark by mistake -- 
with no obvious evidence that that's what has happened. This is more important 
in the shortcut menu than for normal menus, because people try to move through 
shortcut menus quickly and gesturally (regardless of what happens after they 
mouse up).
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17 years ago
qa -->
QA Contact: paw → sairuh

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17 years ago
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17 years ago
This makes life so difficult for me that I had to rig up a quick workaround.  I
just played in the context menu, so this probably isn't the right fix.  I
changed contentAreaContextOverlay.xul in comm.jar line 115:


changed to


This reverts to the previous version's handling, and works well enough to help
get me back on track.  Hope it helps somebody else...

Comment 5

17 years ago
This is espacially annoying together with bug 133351. You have no way to
indicate the destination folder for bookmark and once you made this mistake (and
filed it with context menu) you have no way to move it (other than opening
manage bookmarks window). Thus creating a bookmark became a very time-consuming

confirming : RH 7.2, nightly build 2002041108

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17 years ago
-> marlon
Assignee: blaker → marlon

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10 years ago
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7 years ago
Bookmark this page... menu item now opens the bookmark star panel which allows you to choose which folder to put the bookmark in.

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Last Resolved: 7 years ago
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