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Let PerformanceObserver ride the trains


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+++ This bug was initially created as a clone of Bug #1271487 +++

As per bug 1271487, this has been baking in Nightly since 49.  Chrome appears to have had it generally available since Chrome 52.  It'd be wonderful to get this to ride the trains (maybe even 56?), since it's in use in the wild now.  

I'm hoping to use the Google TTI polyfill as soon as I reasonably can, which requires this API, as well as the Long Tasks API
Depends on: 1395832
Depends on: 1396219
Depends on: 1396227
Depends on: 1396228
Depends on: 1396230
Note that there are still 4 failures in testing/web-platform/tests/performance-timeline/ but I think they don't stop shipping performance observer.  The four failures are;

1. po-observe.html (lack of navigation timing support: bug 1043083)
2. po-navigation.html (lack of navigation timing support: bug 1043083)
3. idlharness.html (toJSON support: bug 1375829)
4. case-sensitivity.any.js (no bug)

As for 4, the test case is supposed to be received resource entries in worker that the resource entries actually were loaded in window context.  It's not clear to me that we should include such entries in worker. But anyway, it's not related to performance observer.
Thank you so much for doing this. Would you mind sending an intent to ship?
Sure, I am preparing it.

Now I am looking for the status for WebKit and Edge..
Thanks! I found the WebKit status.
Intent to ship:!topic/

The try in comment 3 has lots of oranges, but all of them are unrelated to PerformanceObserver.
Comment on attachment 8904863 [details]
Bug 1386021 - Enable PerformanceObserver on all channels.

::: dom/performance/tests/test_performance_observer.html:6
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>  <!--
>    Any copyright is dedicated to the Public Domain.
>  -->
>  <!DOCTYPE html>
>  <meta charset=utf-8>

move this into <head>

::: dom/performance/tests/test_worker_observer.html:6
(Diff revision 1)
>  <!--
>    Any copyright is dedicated to the Public Domain.
>  -->
>  <!DOCTYPE html>
>  <meta charset=utf-8>

same here
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Thanks for the review!
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Enable PerformanceObserver on all channels. r=baku
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Depends on: 1397980
:hiro, thanks so much for making this happen, it's like we're getting an expected gift for 57!
Adding dev-doc-needed back, because the browser compatibility chart at the bottom of needs to be updated, and I can't quite figure out what the correct syntax is expected to be.
Depends on: 1398477
I've removed all the experimental banners (since it is now enabled by default in two major browsers), and updated the support tables on all relevant pages: (and child pages) (and child pages)

I've also removed it from the experimental features page:

And I've added a note to the Fx57 rel notes:

Let me know if that looks OK. Cheers!
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