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[meta] Instrument critical path with event telemetry


(DevTools :: General, enhancement, P2)

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(Reporter: Harald, Unassigned)


(Depends on 5 open bugs, Blocks 1 open bug)


(Keywords: meta)

User Story

As a product manager, design or engineer I need to know how my product is being used to make decisions.
Tracking all events that we need to instrument to better understand how users use the tools.
Alias: devtools-analytics
User Story: (updated)
Keywords: meta
Depends on: 1416024
Severity: normal → enhancement
Priority: -- → P2
Here are questions and dashboard tables we want to see for netmonitor telemetries

* Toolbar usage - show usage of each tool & filter buttons in toolbar
* Sidebar panel usage - show usage of each side panel
* Right click context-menu usage - show usage of each menu action
* Filterbox usage - show auto-completion usage
* Custom column usage (we might understand the most popular columns)
* Per Panel detail usage - show usage of each components in side panel (+raw header & edit&resend features)
Depends on: 1441070
Assignee: nobody → mratcliffe
Has Regression Range: --- → irrelevant
Has STR: --- → irrelevant
OS: Unspecified → All
Hardware: Unspecified → All
Depends on: 1456977
No longer depends on: 1456103
No longer depends on: 1416024
No longer depends on: 1441070
No longer depends on: 1456073
No longer depends on: 1455275
No longer depends on: 1456087
No longer depends on: 1448798
No longer depends on: 1456977
No longer depends on: 1456772
No longer depends on: 1453312
No longer depends on: 1455273
No longer depends on: 1455270
No longer depends on: 1456098
No longer blocks: devtools-analytics-m1
Product: Firefox → DevTools

This bug has not been updated in the last 6 months. Resetting the assignee field.
Please, feel free to pick it up again and add a comment outlining your plans for it if you do still intend to work on it.
This is just trying to clean our backlog of bugs and make bugs available for people.

Assignee: mratcliffe → nobody
Depends on: dbg-perf-telemetry
Depends on: 1572867
Depends on: 1483757
Depends on: 1589674
Depends on: 1636837
Severity: normal → S3
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