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[Context Menu] Bookmarked or Save to Pocket story loses Remove Bookmark or Archive/Delete From Pocket on browser restart


(Firefox :: New Tab Page, enhancement, P2)




Tracking Status
firefox66 --- wontfix
firefox67 --- fix-optional
firefox73 --- affected


(Reporter: pdahiya, Assigned: thecount)


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This issue exists in default activity stream and can be replicated with steps below:

  1. Hide Highlights section from about:preferences
  2. Bookmark a story
  3. Context Menu option changes to Remove Bookmark
  4. Restart browser

Context Menu option of the previously bookmarked user story changes back to 'Bookmark'.

Iteration: --- → 67.4 - Mar 11 - 17
Priority: -- → P2
Iteration: 67.4 - Mar 11 - 17 → 68.2 - Apr 1 - 14
Priority: P2 → P1
Iteration: 68.2 - Apr 1 - 14 → 69.1 - May 13 - 26
Priority: P1 → P2
No longer blocks: 1512725

With bug 1527500, we are bringing bookmark menu option for pocket new tab. Existing implementation has similar issue as in original description of this bug
a) On restart of browser, Remove bookmark state is lost for previously bookmarked stories
b) Attempt to re-bookmark, previously bookmarked story doesn't change 'Bookmark' to 'Remove Bookmark' state.

Following up with Marco from places team for fix of b), findings are Firefox bookmarking system allows for duplicate bookmarks and doesn't prevent nor notify about that. It's the caller's responsibility to handle that case. shows suggested fix for b)

While implementing rebookmark support, we should ensure a story shows up in highlights once we bring in Highlights section in pocket new tab.

As discussed here, changing the scope of this bug to discuss with design and look into best approach to fix bookmark on browser restart.

Flags: needinfo?(wkonu)

Given the effort required to fix this, and the fact that the same issue exists on the original New Tab, let's move this to v69.

Flags: needinfo?(wkonu)
No longer blocks: pocket-newtab-69
No longer blocks: pocket-newtab-68
Iteration: 69.1 - May 13 - 26 → ---
Component: Activity Streams: Newtab → New Tab Page
Priority: P2 → P1

In DS New Tab, with highlights section implemented with bug, one fix of this issue is to move bookmarked story to highlight on opening new tab, refresh or browser restart as done in AS. See

Assignee: nobody → jcarlos
Assignee: jcarlos → nobody
Priority: P1 → P2
Assignee: nobody → sdowne
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Hi, I found the same behaviour when saving to pocket on Nightly 73 on ubuntu 18.04.

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