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[meta] Fennec test cleanup


(Firefox for Android :: Testing, task, P2)






(Reporter: gbrown, Assigned: gbrown)



(Keywords: meta)

Once Fennec builds are discontinued on trunk, there is a lot of Fennec-specific test code, automation code, and configuration that can be simplified. I've set aside some time for this, but I don't mind help!

Note that we cannot proceed on most of this until Fennec builds are retired.

To do:

  • remove android-em-4* references from taskcluster/ci/test/*
  • review androi-em* references
  • remove android_version == '18' references from test manifests
  • review all android references in test manifests
  • remove and mobile/android/tests/browser/robocop
  • remove mobile/android/tests/browser/chrome
Priority: -- → P2
See Also: → remove-fennec-build
Summary: Fennec test cleanup → [meta] Fennec test cleanup

The dependency with bug 1570409 is complicated. Generally tests are dependent on builds, but in this case I believe the build job will continue (since it builds geckoview also). It may be necessary to turn off tests first, then stop building Fennec. In any case, I think 1570409 is build-centric and this bug is test-centric and we'll get it all sorted out soon.

Depends on: 1577037
See Also: → 1577863
Depends on: 1578783
Depends on: 1579272
Depends on: 1575966
Depends on: 1580832
Depends on: 1581632
Depends on: 1582785
Depends on: 1582884
Depends on: 1583695
Depends on: 1584290
Depends on: 1585119
Depends on: 1561046
No longer depends on: remove-fennec-build

No further planned work.

Closed: 4 months ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Depends on: 1591121
Depends on: 1592385
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