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Localize about:profiling


(DevTools :: Performance Tools (Profiler/Timeline), task, P2)



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We should localize about:profiling after the interface stabilizes a bit, that way we don't have to worry about changing localization strings until we are ready.

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I have patches for this which I've attached, but need to spend more time on it before it's ready for review. It's also not handling the CustomizableUI side of it yet.

Note for the future on implementing localization for the popup

Add popup strings here:
Search for data-l10n-id for examples of usage.

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Blocks: 1681539

This was based off of the differential revision:

I started a new revision as the old one had bitrotted quite a bit. I
handled flod's review feedback from the previous review.

This patch will require a follow-up with handling the profiler presets.
See Bug 1681539.

This handles most of the localization, but will require a few follow-ups.

First off is Bug 1681539, which is for localizing profiler presets. There
isn't anything too weird about this for the DevTools and about:profilling
context, but requires a solution for the popup. The appmenu.ftl bundle
might need to be included.

I did not localize profiler feature list, nor the byte size computation.

Depends on D99274

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Localize the profiler popup; r=julienw,fluent-reviewers,flod
Localize about:profiling and DevTools perf panel; r=julienw,flod
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Depends on: 1681539
Blocks: 1682333
No longer depends on: 1682333
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