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[Meta] Doorhanger V2 Update


(Toolkit :: Password Manager, enhancement, P2)





(Reporter: severin, Unassigned)


(Depends on 1 open bug, )


(Keywords: feature-testing-meta, meta)

When offering to save a new login, the username and password are sometimes not the expected values. This can happen in a few situations:

  • When changing a password, the username might not be on the screen
  • If there are many input fields on a page, we might pull from the wrong ones
  • The password is munged before submission, and we use the more recent (munged) value
  • If input fields are improperly labeled, we might trust the autocomplete label and ignore the field

This meta bug covers general improvements to the save/update login doorhanger to cover these and similar cases.

Blocks: 1641408
See Also: → 1641408
No longer blocks: 1641408
See Also: → 1641412
See Also: → 1641413
See Also: → 1641415
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See Also: → 1641418
See Also: → 1650929
See Also: → 1650941
Depends on: 1652706
See Also: → 1653116
Assignee: severinrudie → nobody
Whiteboard: [feature-testing-meta]
Whiteboard: [feature-testing-meta]
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