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[DOGFOOD] CRASH when migrating a profile on mac, (deleting EventQueueEntry object, and then trying to access it's mQueueStack by calling GetEventQueue())


(Core :: XPCOM, defect, P3)

Mac System 8.5





(Reporter: sspitzer, Assigned: danm.moz)



(Whiteboard: [PDT+])

this is only on the mac.

when I migrate a 4.x account (to test, remove your "Mozilla Registry" and run
"Mozilla Installer", select a 4.x account name, and hit Start) I crash.

make sure you have at least two 4.x profiles.  (wiht just one, it automatically
migrates, and that may change things.)

dougt wrote the code for dbragg to do the profile migration progress dialog, so
assigning to me.

something is holding on to the EventQueueEntry object (nsEventQueueService.cpp),
but the refcount goes to 0, so the object is getting destroyed, and then
referenced and then boom.

perhaps its a refcount problem? (one too many releases?)

I'll post the stack in a few minutes.

I'll continue to debug, to see if there is an extra release in there.

for now, I'm going to check this in, as it prevents the crash.

but it's obviously not a real fix.

Index: nsEventQueueService.cpp
RCS file: /cvsroot/mozilla/xpcom/threads/nsEventQueueService.cpp,v
retrieving revision 1.17
diff -p -r1.17 nsEventQueueService.cpp
*** nsEventQueueService.cpp     1999/08/23 10:11:03     1.17
--- nsEventQueueService.cpp     1999/10/15 21:39:04
*************** EventQueueEntry::~EventQueueEntry()
*** 84,89 ****
--- 84,91 ----
    // Delete our stack
        delete mQueueStack;
+       // XXX temporary horrible hack fix for bug #xxxxx
+       mQueueStack = NULL;

  nsIEventQueue* EventQueueEntry::GetEventQueue(void)
here's the stack.

 Calling chain using A6/R1 links
  Back chain  ISA  Caller
  00000000    PPC  0C5907C4
  0D164E00    PPC  0C58CFB4  main+0013C
  0D164D90    PPC  0C58C838  main1(int, char**)+00324
  0D164C80    PPC  0C123C6C  nsProfile::StartupWithArgs(nsICmdLineService*)+00084
  0D164C10    PPC  0C124224  nsProfile::LoadDefaultProfileDir(nsCString&)+004D8
  0D164B10    PPC  0C2A04E0  nsAppShellService::Run()+00020
  0D164AD0    PPC  0C264704  nsAppShell::Run()+00050
  0D164A50    PPC  0C265498  nsMacMessagePump::DoMessagePump()+00044
  0D164A00    PPC  0C2656B0  nsMacMessagePump::DispatchEvent(int, EventRecord*)+
  0D1649B0    PPC  0C265F94  nsMacMessagePump::DoMouseUp(EventRecord&)+00050
  0D164960    PPC  0C2664C8
nsMacMessagePump::DispatchOSEventToRaptor(EventRecord&, GrafPort
  0D164910    PPC  0C25F8FC  nsMacMessageSink::DispatchOSEvent(EventRecord&,
  0D1648D0    PPC  0C258EA4  nsMacWindow::HandleOSEvent(EventRecord&)+0004C
  0D164870    PPC  0C259ADC  nsMacEventHandler::HandleOSEvent(EventRecord&)+000D0
  0D164820    PPC  0C25B4AC  nsMacEventHandler::HandleMouseUpEvent(EventRecord&)+
  0D164790    PPC  0C240ACC  nsWindow::DispatchMouseEvent(nsMouseEvent&)+00060
  0D164730    PPC  0C240A0C  nsWindow::DispatchWindowEvent(nsGUIEvent&)+00028
  0D1646F0    PPC  0C240918  nsWindow::DispatchEvent(nsGUIEvent*, nsEventStatus&
  0D1646A0    PPC  0BB679E8  HandleEvent(nsGUIEvent*)+00064
  0D164650    PPC  0BB64090  nsViewManager::DispatchEvent(nsGUIEvent*,
  0D164470    PPC  0BB699EC  nsView::HandleEvent(nsGUIEvent*, unsigned int,
nsEventStatus&, i
  0D1643F0    PPC  0BCDA47C  PresShell::HandleEvent(nsIView*, nsGUIEvent*,
  0D164350    PPC  0BD8F638  nsEventStateManager::PostHandleEvent(nsIPresContext&
, nsGUIEvent
*, nsIFrame*, nsEventStatus&, nsIView*)+007D8
  0D1641F0    PPC  0BD90DB0
nsEventStateManager::CheckForAndDispatchClick(nsIPresContext&, n
sMouseEvent*, nsEventStatus&)+00180
  0D164140    PPC  0C183B48  RDFElementImpl::HandleDOMEvent(nsIPresContext&,
nsEvent*, nsIDOM
Event**, unsigned int, nsEventStatus&)+00480
  0D164010    PPC  0BD8C09C  nsEventListenerManager::HandleEvent(nsIPresContext&,
nsEvent*, n
sIDOMEvent**, unsigned int, nsEventStatus&)+00374
  0D163EC0    PPC  0C3D79D0  nsJSEventListener::HandleEvent(nsIDOMEvent*)+001AC
  0D163DB0    PPC  0C35A580  nsJSContext::CallFunction(void*, void*, unsigned
int, void*, int
  0D163CE0    PPC  0C2DCE74  JS_CallFunction+00044
  0D163CA0    PPC  0C2FA92C  js_InternalCall+000CC
  0D163BF0    PPC  0C2FA680  js_Invoke+00980
  0D163AF0    PPC  0C303588  js_Interpret+08318
  0D163770    PPC  0C2FA680  js_Invoke+00980
  0D163670    PPC  0C303588  js_Interpret+08318
  0D1632F0    PPC  0C2FA61C  js_Invoke+0091C
  0D1631F0    PPC  0BB9A0A4  WrappedNative_CallMethod(JSContext*, JSObject*,
unsigned int, lo
ng*, long*)+00170
  0D163170    PPC  0BB98144
nsXPCWrappedNativeClass::CallWrappedMethod(JSContext*, nsXPCWrap
pedNative*, const XPCNativeMemberDescriptor*, nsXPCWrappedNativeClass::CallMode,
unsigned int
, long*, long*)+00E48
  0D162F30    PPC  0C4B5DD8  XPTC_InvokeByIndex+0002C
  0D162EF0    PPC  0C4B5EE0  _XPTC_InvokeByIndex+000C8
  0D162E44    PPC  0C129AF4  nsProfile::MigrateProfile(const char*, int)+00690
  0D162BD4    PPC  0BA1BCDC  nsPrefMigration::ProcessPrefs(int)+0027C
  0D162B24    PPC  0C2A9830  nsWebShellWindow::ShowModal()+00018
  0D162AE4    PPC  0C2A99AC  nsWebShellWindow::ShowModalInternal()+00124
  0D162A84    PPC  0C265140  nsAppShell::DispatchNativeEvent(int, void*)+00054
  0D162A24    PPC  0C2657A0  nsMacMessagePump::DispatchEvent(int, EventRecord*)+
  0D1629D4    PPC  10F982E4  Repeater::DoRepeaters(const EventRecord&)+00034
  0D162994    PPC  0C242354  nsMacNSPREventQueueHandler::RepeatAction(const
  0D162954    PPC  0C467BB8  nsEventQueueServiceImpl::ProcessEvents()+0002C
  0D162914    PPC  0C462E00  nsHashtable::Enumerate(int (*)(nsHashKey*, void*,
void*), void*)
  0D1628D4    PPC  0C4F7F2C  PL_HashTableEnumerateEntries+00060
  0D162864    PPC  0C462640  _hashEnumerate(PLHashEntry*, int, void*)+00030
  0D162824    PPC  0C467AFC  EventDispatchingFunc(nsHashKey*, void*, void*)+00020
  0D1627E4    PPC  0C466ABC  EventQueueEntry::GetEventQueue()+0002C
 Return addresses on the stack
  Stack Addr  Frame Addr   ISA   Caller
   0D162B2C                PPC   0BA1BCDC nsPrefMigration::ProcessPrefs(int)+
   0D162AEC    0D162AE4    PPC   0C2A9830 nsWebShellWindow::ShowModal()+00018
   0D162AC4                68K   0CCCAA82
   0D162AA4                68K   0CCCAA82
   0D162A8C    0D162A84    PPC   0C2A99AC nsWebShellWindow::ShowModalInternal()+
   0D162A4C    0D162A44    PPC   0C2545AC nsBaseWidget::AddRef()+0005C
   0D162A2C    0D162A24    PPC   0C265140 nsAppShell::DispatchNativeEvent(int,
   0D1629DC    0D1629D4    PPC   0C2657A0 nsMacMessagePump::DispatchEvent(int,
   0D1629D0                68K   0CCCAA82
   0D1629B0                68K   0CCCAA82
   0D1629A0                68K   0CCCAA82
   0D16299C    0D162994    PPC   10F982E4 Repeater::DoRepeaters(const
   0D162994                68K   0D1629D2
   0D16298C                68K   0CCCAA82
   0D162978                68K   0CCCAA82
   0D16295C    0D162954    PPC   0C242354
nsMacNSPREventQueueHandler::RepeatAction(const Even
   0D16294C    0D162944    PPC   10F991C0 TimerPeriodical::RepeatAction(const
   0D16291C    0D162914    PPC   0C467BB8
   0D1628F4                68K   0CCCAA82
   0D1628EC                68K   0CCCAA82
   0D1628DC    0D1628D4    PPC   0C462E00 nsHashtable::Enumerate(int (*
)(nsHashKey*, void*, v
oid*), void*)+0003C
   0D1628CC                68K   0CCCAA82
   0D162898    0D162894    68K   0020A526 'scod BFAF 0002'+01EB6
   0D16286C    0D162864    PPC   0C4F7F2C PL_HashTableEnumerateEntries+00060
   0D16282C    0D162824    PPC   0C462640 _hashEnumerate(PLHashEntry*, int, void*
   0D162824    0D162820    68K   0D162862
   0D1627EC    0D1627E4    PPC   0C467AFC EventDispatchingFunc(nsHashKey*, void*,
   0D1627AC    0D1627A4    PPC   0C466ABC EventQueueEntry::GetEventQueue()+0002C
   0D162796                68K   00000C5E
   0D16276C    0D162764    PPC   0C46659C EventQueueStack::GetEventQueue()+0002C
 Displaying memory from 0
  00000000  FFC1 0000 FFC1 0000  00B9 807C 0020 86C8  *¡••*¡•••*Ä|• Ü»
  00000010  0020 86CA 0020 86CC  00B9 811C 00B9 811C  • Ü • ÜÕ*Å••*Å•
 Closing log
actually, I'm not going to check that hack fix in.

I'll focus on debugging the real problem instead.
I've seen this crash too, when using Command-W to close a window. I think it's a
generic Mac widget bug. cc:ing people.
I'm glad it's not just me.

a six pac of beer for the mac guru who fixes this.
more info, it happens with one 4.x profile (meaning the automigration kicks in)
and with multiple 4.x profiles (meaning you get the profile manager and you have
to migrate.)
ok, I got an idea, and I'm debugging to see if I'm right.

we are iterating through all the events in the hash table.

could it be that in our hash table, we have a "close window / destroy window"
event (which, when handle causes the event queue to get destroyed) followed by
other events.

after the event queue is destroyed, we go process that next event, and boom.

just a guess, I'll continue to debug.

I love macsbug and codewarrior!  bring it on!
Severity: normal → blocker
Depends on: 14689, 15900, 16305
I'm off to other mail news bugs.

marking this a blocker, as it's blocking me from fixing some mac migration /
profile manager bugs.
Danm was fixing a bug with the eventqueue being destroyed and losing events.
This was the openWebLocations bug. Maybe these bugs can share some knowledge.
Yes, a fix for bug 15856 will probably fix this one, too.  It's probably the same problem, or similar, at least.
The current code throws away the stacked modal event queue as soon as the dialog is done with it, which
may be sooner than other users would want.  I have reams of code in my tree to change the lifetime
of stacked event queues.  You may want to leave this one alone until I check that in.  In fact,
you probably want to assign this bug to me.
Assignee: dougt → danm
assigning to danm.  if you need any help, just yell.
Blocks: 14742
Whiteboard: [PDT+]
Blocks: 16950
Target Milestone: M11
Blocks: 17432
Whiteboard: [PDT+] → [PDT+] My machine stopped crashing, but I believe I've ID'd the problem.
Whiteboard: [PDT+] My machine stopped crashing, but I believe I've ID'd the problem. → [PDT+] fix coded, awaiting review
No longer depends on: 14689
fixing dependency
No longer depends on: 15900, 16305
fixing dependencies.
Closed: 25 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Whiteboard: [PDT+] fix coded, awaiting review → [PDT+]
Actually, this had nothing to do with bug 15856. The problem was a combination of the Mac's habit of using
the nspr hashtable enumerator to process each thread's event queue, while in another thread, proxy code was
creating and destroying event queues in that hashtable. Hashtable enumerators can't handle that kind of abuse.
Fixed by inventing and using a different enumerator.
Blocks: 17907
builds 1999110808 and 1999110908
No longer blocks: 17432
No longer blocks: 17907
Hardware: PC → Macintosh
Moving all threading bugs to XPCOM. See bug 160356.
Component: Threading → XPCOM
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