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Convert calendar views to html


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With bug 1694820 complete, and bug 1713130 in progress, my next step is to convert the whole #view-box to html. This would include changing the custom elements to html.

I might also change the class hierarchies (e.g. I don't think it makes sense that MozCalendarMonthDayBoxItem and MozCalendarEventBox inherit from MozCalendarEditableItem), and this is probably a good opportunity to do some general code clean up as well.

I'll be keeping an eye on the accessibility tree as well.

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Are you doing a complete xul removal here?

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(In reply to Lasana Murray from comment #1)

Are you doing a complete xul removal here?

Yes, that is the plan.

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@henry does this also include the Tasks views?

(In reply to Till Kleisli from comment #3)

@henry does this also include the Tasks views?

No. Just the day, week, multiweek and month views.

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Depends on: 1713130
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Since I'm leaving I won't be able to work on this. In general I was going to replace the custom XUL elements with custom HTML elements instead:

I was also going to do a general tidy up. Here are some specific things I was planning in this area that do not already have a separate bug:

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