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[meta] Implement new "supernova" icons for the entire UI


(Thunderbird :: Theme, task)


(thunderbird_esr102 wontfix)

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(Reporter: aleca, Assigned: micah)


(Blocks 3 open bugs)


Meta bug to collect all bugs implementing the new "supernova" icons.

List of icons that need to be replaced:

  • Icons in the Settings page.
  • Address Book menu items when creating new contact.
  • The "star" (favorite) icon in the message header.
  • All icons in notifications (spam, imip bar, attachment, etc):
  • New Task, New Event in the Tasks view and Today Pane.
  • Various "add", "cancel", "exclamation mark", etc in buttons in IMIP bar notifications and calendar sidebar.
  • Various chevrons (arrows) in today pane.
  • All calendar icons (repeated event, no reminder, repeated event, etc).
  • Icons in the add-ons manager (sidebar icons, trash icon for removing an add-on, icon in the confirmation dialog when removing an add-on).
  • Icons in the activity window.
  • The warning icon if you select "everything" in the dialog for clearing history, cookies and cache.
  • The icon with the three dots (…) on several places, like the folder list header or in the add-ons manager for installed add-ons: seems to be the old icon but could still be okay.
  • The + and - icon for the zoom in the menu looks maybe a bit strong, compared to to the arrow icons for menu items with children or compared to the checkmark icon.
  • Search for an add-on in the add-on manager. A new tab with an address bar opens. The two icons for back and forward navigation to the left of the address bar.
  • Trash icon in the Settings > Calendar notifications area.
  • Make background and border color of the add-ons settings icon (gear) transparent.
Depends on: 1768505
Depends on: 1776093

There's a couple chat icons not on this list, that might also be candidates:

  • Encryption Status (in the right sidebar of an encrypted/encryptable conversation)
  • Possibly the default user avatar, though we should probably just update the styles to follow what we do for user icons/avatars in other places now.
  • The multi user/chat conversation icon (three speech bubbles)
  • The message is encrypted icon (shown on encrypted messages inside the conversation)
  • The start conversation icon (on contacts)
  • The role icons in the participants list (admin/moderator/voiced)

We also need a high contrast icon set

Depends on: 1776660
Depends on: 1776752
Depends on: 1776780
Summary: [meta] Implement new "supernova" icon for the entire UI → [meta] Implement new "supernova" icons for the entire UI
Depends on: 1778740
Depends on: 1779474
Depends on: 1779644
Depends on: 1779782
Depends on: 1780040
Depends on: 1780425
Depends on: 1780556

I noticed the content warning message bar has an old style icon: (probably the other message bar icons there too?)

I would also point out that the event/task editor/creation dialog has a toolbar of mostly old icons.

Depends on: 1780563
Depends on: 1781796
Blocks: 1781919
Depends on: 1783809
Depends on: 1783903
Depends on: 1784525
Depends on: 1786083
Depends on: 1786434
Depends on: 1786524
Blocks: 1776660
No longer depends on: 1776660
Depends on: 1788151
Depends on: 1789728
Blocks: 1793499

Marking this as fixed as pretty much all the most obvious and used icons have been replaced.
There are other minor things left, like the table edit icons in the compose, but those have very little priority and don't really need a "supernova" style refresh.
We can open dedicated bugs if something comes up, so we can move forward with the bugs being blocked by this one.

Closed: 2 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Target Milestone: --- → 107 Branch
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