Open Bug 1874137 (necko-pref-flips) Opened 3 months ago Updated 1 month ago

[meta] Tracking bug for necko pref flips


(Core :: Networking, task, P3)





(Reporter: valentin, Assigned: valentin)


(Depends on 1 open bug)


(Keywords: meta, Whiteboard: [necko-triaged])

We sometimes land prefs that need to be enabled in the future after confirming a fix, or after we determine that the Nightly/Early-beta pref doesn't cause any issues.
All bugs that land a pref that needs to be reconsidered in the future should be made to block this bug.
Once the pref is flipped, the bug should be removed from blocking this bug, and put in the see also list.

Depends on: 1706377

- name: network.http.http2.move_to_pending_list_after_network_change
  type: RelaxedAtomicBool
  mirror: always

Was added in bug 1706377.

Was set to early beta in bug 1816677

Depends on: 1816677

network.auth.use_redirect_for_retries was set to early beta in bug 1856288

Depends on: 1856288

network.predictor.enable-prefetch was set to early beta in bug 1506194

Depends on: 1506194

network.early-hints.enabled was set to early beta in bug 1813035

Depends on: 1813035

privacy.partition.network_state.ocsp_cache was added in bug 1664995 but bug 1874143 is tracking the enablement of this pref.

Depends on: 1874143
No longer depends on: 1874143
See Also: → 1874143
Depends on: 1876045

Early Hints gets enabled in Fx123 (Bug 1874445). Moving to See also.

No longer depends on: 1813035
See Also: → 1813035
No longer depends on: 1876045
See Also: → 1876045
No longer depends on: 1706377
See Also: → 1706377

We might want to do an experiment to figure out the optimal values for bug 1879814 cache prefs.

Depends on: 1879814
Depends on: 1860038
Assignee: nobody → valentin.gosu
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