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Accessibility Review of about:newtab


(Firefox :: New Tab Page, task, P3)




a11y-review changes required


(Reporter: maxx, Assigned: ayeddi)


(Depends on 16 open bugs)


(Whiteboard: hnt)


This request comes as a baseline "reset" for the desktop newtab page. Our newly formed (as of Q2 2024) team wants to better understand current a11y issues, immediately address the most dire, and plan how to address the rest in parallel with future feature work.

The user scenario would be a new Firefox user, seeing new tab for the first time. I will consult with the team to see if we can include additional test plans/scenarios.

Scenario should include:

  • Accessing the different parts of new tab: search, top sites, pocket stories, recent activity
  • Using the sidebar preferences panel to change settings

How do we test this?

Load a fresh profile, and test the about:newtab page that appears.

When will this ship?

  • Tracking bug/issue: N/A
  • Design documents (e.g. Product Requirements Document, UI spec): N/A
  • Engineering lead: Scott Downe [:thecount]
  • Product manager: Jim Thomas [:jimt],

Please describe the accessibility guidelines you considered and what steps you've taken to address them:

We have multiple known a11y issues, so some of your report may be duplicative. I will link all open/known a11y bugs to this ticket.

Describe any areas of concern to which you want the accessibility team to give special attention:

  • Keyboard navigation
  • High contrast/viz mode
See Also: → 1886987, 1684456, 1865210, 1886981
Assignee: nobody → ayeddi
See Also: 1886987, 1865210
Depends on: 1893050
Depends on: 1893053
Depends on: 1893056
Depends on: 1893224
Depends on: 1893509
Depends on: 1893714
Depends on: 1893720
Depends on: 1893725
Depends on: 1893730
Depends on: 1893732
Depends on: 1893734
Depends on: 1893738
Depends on: 1893743
a11y-review: requested → changes required
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