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extensionlist shows XPI as xxxxxxxx.xpi without any usefulness


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1.8.0 Branch
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I updated to FF 1.5. Many extensions were disabled while installing. Some could be updated automatically. On (here SessionSaver2) has to be updated manually from another website than mozilla.extensions. Now i have two rows in the extension manager. First the normal extension with full functionality 8works fine) and second a row with "sessionsaver-02-dev.xpi", that does nothing (right-click-menu is greyed-out) ... seems to be an error in extension handling.

Reproducible: Always
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Version: unspecified → 1.5 Branch
In case anyone might want to study them, please attach the extensions.rdf in your profile and the install.rdf's of every extension in the folder extensions before you restore your profile.
Like described on the bottom of this bug: Bug 317193.
This happens when an extension doesn't complete an install and there are several bugs open to fix the cause of this symptom. To fix this on your system you can delete the extensions.rdf file in your profile directory and it will be recreated.

If it fixes it this bug will be fixed in another bug. If it does not then there is another bug this bug is masking and we can take this further. Please post back whether this fixes it or not.
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We continue the download of an extension when the extension manager ui is closed but we only remove the download item in the rdf from extensions.js. This move the call to INSTALL_DONE in
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Mel, you brought up this bug to me once before and if you have the time I'd appreciate your help with verifying this is working as expected, etc. when it is patched.
Blocks: 326722
Target Milestone: --- → Firefox 2 alpha1
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checked in to trunk
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weird, I didn't get your email, but happened to come across this on mozillazine trunk list.

I'll do some testing on an older computer where I think I can dupe this.  I'm "assuming" this will only help this from happening in the future, right?  Which bugs are related to this one to resolve existing (as I like to call them) "ghost" entries?
this is a very annoying bug in 1.5, any chance of this being reviewed for branch?
Mel, bug 326722 which this bug blocks is to take care of the existing ghost entries. This appears to have fixed the application quit bug when installing an extension in that I was only able to get it to show the cancel download dialog one time and when I clicked cancel the entry was removed from the Extension Manager ui. It also now successfully completes installations if you close the Extension Manager ui and leave it closed while an install is being performed similar to how the Download Manager will complete a download.

mdew, I will land this on the MOZILLA_1_8_BRANCH (e.g. Firefox 2.0) after I get verification from others that it is working as expected without any serious regressions. As for the MOZILLA_1_8_0_BRANCH (e.g. Firefox 1.5.x.x) I doubt it. I would want bug 326722 which will be a more complicated patch to land as well otherwise we would have 3 different cases with release builds as follows instead of just cases 1 and 3.
1) 1.5 ghost entries and can reproduce this bug
2) ghost entries and can't reproduce this bug
3) 2.0 no ghost entries and can't reproduce this bug
I did some further testing today using the different versions of since it installs multiple extensions during a single install and all worked as expected. When installing / upgrading to an incompatible extension and closing the EM ui the incompatible alert is displayed. When exiting when installing / upgrading and quiting the application if you click cancel downloads the extensions are not left behind in the extensions datasource and when you click don't exit the extensions are installed properly.

Everything looks good to me but I suspect there are still a couple of edgecases lying around. Confirmation from others on this bug would be appreciated.
One way to still get the appearance of a "ghost" entry is to start two installs of themes - possibly extensions as well - separately which is bug 251519. The entry in the Theme Manager that finishes last will look the same as a "ghost" entry when the first install completes but it will continue the install and complete successfully which removes the "ghost" entry. So, bug 251519 appears to now be a visual glitch which will correct itself.
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Checked in on MOZILLA_1_8_BRANCH
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