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Tracking: Improve lame dialogs


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(Depends on 3 open bugs)


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This is a tracking bug inspired by the following m.d.a.firefox discussion:
Depends on: 333521
Depends on: 333522
Depends on: 112848
Depends on: 333523
Depends on: 326856
Depends on: 333593
Bugzilla Bug 324321
rephrase "Select new tabs opened from links"
Depends on: 324321
target: beta1
Target Milestone: --- → Firefox 2 beta1
Depends on: 287329
No longer depends on: 333629
"Would you care to post a list of dialogs that you think
qualify, and why?


Quicktime "Additional components are needed..." dialogue which links to this page...
The dialog is only annoying, but the link is terrible. Which codec do you download? Some of those links don't even lead to a download, then what? I've downloaded all of these codecs and my vid still doesn't play, then what?

Also, from Mike B. in the linked Google Group post...
"  - reloading forms that resubmit post data (bug 112848)
  - warning dialogs about going from encrypted to unencrypted pages
  - dialog for choosing what to do with a file download
  - options/preferences > advanced > security layout ...

�Firefox has just downloaded Really Cool Update 2.0a1. Would you like to install Really Cool Update 2.0a1 now or later?

If you choose Now, Really Cool Update 2.0a1 will be installed now.

If you choose Later, Really Cool Update 2.0a1 will be installed later.

[Now] [Later]�

Choosing Later brings up a modal(!) dialogue repeating the last paragraph from the previous dialogue.

�You have chosen Later which, frankly, is quite lame of you. I mean, we spent hours adding more goats and this is how you repay us. Anyway, Really Cool Update 2.0a1 will be installed later. Please click OK to return to surfing porn.


Presumably, since I chose Later, I want Firefox to go away and stop bothering me. A modal dialogue confirming that I want Firefox to go away and stop bothering me is excessive.

Also, the update notification pops up lamely. It could be improved by not stealing focus (like those pop-unders we used to have in 1998).
Depends on: 336452
No longer depends on: 333522
This bug is part of a query for Firefox bugs that have Status set to NEW, but have version field set to 2.0 or older and have not changed in over 800 days.

If you still see this bug, or if it is still valid with Firefox 3.6.10 or a firefox 4 nightly build, please update the version field and steps to reproduce.
Target Milestone: Firefox 2 beta1 → ---
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