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firebird-toc.rdf: remove High Contrast Theme and File->Quit references for Mac


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(Keywords: late-l10n, verified1.8.1, Whiteboard: [rc ridealong][help fix only])


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In firebird-toc.rdf there's a reference to accessibility.xhtml#using_a_high_contrast_theme (ID="a11y-high-contrast", line 210) that should not be displayed on a Mac (that part of the page is included in a div with class "noMac").

There's another reference to File->Quit that is wrong (line 268, ID="menu-exit-nowin"): it's nc:platform="unix mac" but should be "nc:platform="unix"
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*** Bug 353332 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***
This bug may also appear in other non-en-US locales. I filed bug 353335 for Polish, but it'd be nice if someone checked if others are affected.
Fixed on trunk.
Closed: 13 years ago
Keywords: late-l10n
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Axel, can we get a late l10n impact here?
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Mike, as you can see in bugs 353335, 353370 and 353404, two locales have already ported this patch and checked it in for rc1 (pl, ru), the other (fr) awaits checkin for a (IMHO imminent) rc2. If we do have an rc2, I'm sure most of the others will follow, given a few days time.

On the other hand, one could make a patch fixing all of the locales (except pl and ru), as this is only a change in RDF parameters and not actually in the real localized content.

Blocks: 353370
I'm with Marek here, please create an accompanying patch for l10n, I can check that in to ride along with this one.
OK, this is my search-and-replace job across all toc files. I hope I didn't mess up the character encoding, but it looks reasonable in UTF-8.
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patch for 47 locales

Looks good to me, poke me if/when you need a landing buddy.

This should be part of the posting to .l10n that bug 353533 wants, too.
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I just checked in the patch for 47 locales on the 1.8 branch. So the only locale left to fix is en-US.
Whiteboard: [rc ridealong][help fix only] → [rc ridealong][help fix only][all locales fixed except en-US]
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Approved for RC2 (help only).
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Fixed on branch.
Keywords: fixed1.8.1
Whiteboard: [rc ridealong][help fix only][all locales fixed except en-US] → [rc ridealong][help fix only]
Verified fixed on the 1.8.1 branch by code inspection for the en-US locale, the af locale and the es-ES locale.

The patch for 47 locales doesn't seem to have been checked in on trunk, shouldn't it be checked in also there?
The patch didn't apply cleanly on trunk, so I left that to the localizers. They just need to copy their files from branch to trunk and check them in.
That's what I said on .l10n as well:
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