gradients, clipPaths and masks inside svg:symbol aren't rendered

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gradients inside svg:symbol aren't rendered. gradients outside svg:symbol are rendered.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1.Open a svg file which has gradient(s) inside svg:symbol aren't rendered.

Actual Results:  
gradient(s) are not rendered.

Expected Results:  
gradient(s) are rendered.
Posted image testcase
4 rects shuld have same gradient.
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Why would you put the gradient _inside_ the symbol? The elements in the symbol are probably cloned into a shadow tree, in which case you're increasing memory use (and there are going to be multiple shadow elements with the same ID).
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> Why would you put the gradient _inside_ the symbol?

Adobe Illustrator 12.0.1, SVG Export Plug-In exports svg files which include the gradient inside the symbol.

For example,
another examples at
# A mascot in those pages is Foxkeh, a mascot of Firefox brought by Mozilla Japan.
Duplicate of this bug: 485362
#3 jwatt asks "Why would you put the gradient _inside_ the symbol?"

one reason is authoring tool user interface.
beyond hand coding...

ie unless a number of icons are saved as a set at one time, each will have the gradients, then when the icons are agglomerated, there is much duplication:
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For the SVG-edit project, I'm working on arbitrary SVG importing. The idea is to insert a <symbol> element with the data, so multiple copies can be made using <use>. This bug means that import files with gradients will thus appear filled in black when using Firefox.

As a workaround I was going to put the imported <svg> in a <defs>, then have the <use> elements refer to that, but unfortunately Adobe Illustrator incorrectly displays an image like this (it does fine with <symbol>). A bug on their part, certainly, but it forces me to decide whether to support Firefox or Illustrator. 

Considering how <symbol> is very very similar to <svg> elements (in which this bug does not occur), I find it hard to imagine that this bug would be hard to fix.
Duplicate of this bug: 584666
Just FYI: The Foxkeh assets, including the broken tail SVG files in comment 4, have been moved to
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A similar problem occurs when we have overlapping IDs and the first occurrence is within a hidden group. This crops up in Santa's Workshop and results in the snowflakes, trees and elves appearing partially or wholly black:

The attached test case is a simplified version of what's happening in Santa's Workshop.

I suspect the root cause is the same as this bug. Namely, if a gradient first appears in a context that isn't rendered we seem to refuse to render it from there on.

The fact that Illustrator is exporting this sort of arrangement raises the importance of this bug as does its use in Santa's Workshop.
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The display:none is a different issue, bug 376027 tracks that.
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Duplicate of this bug: 703766
Summary: gradients inside svg:symbol aren't rendered → gradients, clipPaths and masks inside svg:symbol aren't rendered
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