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Win XP Message List Icons


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Windows XP
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Thunderbird 3.0b3


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This should be mostly about taking the icons from bug 483761 and porting them over to the qute theme
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Attached image message icons
Attached file additional icons for the message pane (obsolete) —
column header icons (attachment, star, thread), flag and junk.
Forgot about the read column icon in the previous attachment.
column header icons (attachment, star, thread), flag and junk.
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I don't have a windows build set up, so I can't verify if this works or not. Feel free to try out!
andreas: Looks good, I was missing the new attachment.png and not-starred.png icons, so I grabbed them from the Linux tango bug.

Some minor padding changes in the CSS to give enough room for the new attachment and empty star icons.  I also did a little margin hack to make the read / not junk columns line up correctly.  You'll need the patch from bug 488109 applied to see the correct junk icon appear in the message list.

I also took the junk icon from bug 484199 and added that since it'd be good to get most of the junk icons updated at the same time.

david: can you take a look at this one since they only really look good together and you're my go-to windows person anyway :)
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do you particularly care about my trying this on XP, or is Vista good enough?

The junk icon is a bit amorphous, but it looks similar to the ones in the screen shot in bug 483761
Vista is good enough, the separation of the two environments is waiting on another bug.  Also I found that (for testing at least) you can run the .exe in an XP environment through some right click options.
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patch to update the message list icons

I also find the attachment icon to be a bit big, but it matches the screenshots in the other bug...the rest of the new icons look nice, and it's great to have a refresh.
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the attachment icon does draw more visual focus than before but I think it's a good thing.
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changeset:   2662:9bb50e823e67

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Some negative reaction here:
And other places.
Depends on: 494430
Please note some of additional comments here:
and on the page 3 of the thread mentioned above.

My real concern is these new icons are very counter-intuitive, and seem clunky and out of place compared to the old ones.  Even the one that still make sense, like the paperclip, are much more refined in the old theme.  Many of the new icons take up more space and don't have the smooth, simple lines Windows users are used to -- less is more in many cases.

I think thunderbird 3 is one of the best e-mail applications, but I have a feeling that as more users see these icons the less they will be liked, and could even drive down its use.  Most windows applications take the native UI into account, which the old icons did.  The new set is simply out of place.

At a minimum, would it be possible to provide both themes with the install, and allow the user which to choose?
I would like to add though, that the new News & Blogs icons makes a lot more sense than the old satellite dish type thing. It could still be polished (perhaps not quite so wide), but at least it's a step in the right direction.
So just to add another seems more of us are in agreement these new icons are a mistake or at least need to be tweaked before the final release...what is the best way to get the devs attention and get some consensus and a plan of attack?
(In reply to comment #10)
> changeset:   2662:9bb50e823e67

I think a little issue is still present: If you use Windows xp native look (and not classic style) the "read" icon is misalligned.

Attach file for evaluation.
yep, that's bug 494430
These new icons are going to make a lot of users unhappy.
And a lot of people happy as well? (the feedback I've received so far is 50/50)
We can always revert this if it turns out to be a bad change in the end.
my only big bother is the new message decoration/burst on folders in folder pane.  On my screen resolution of 1440x900 the red/orange burst is too subtle. I depend on those decorations because I don't use sound or popup notification.
I'm surprised you can see it at all at 1400x900
It wasn't very pronounced, even before the new icons.

But why should we stick to that concept.
Why no change the background color of the folder name instead.
good point. Looks like the difference is, the new icon folders are wider and the colors richer, causing the decoration to be far less prominent. Indeed, the size and color of both old and new decoration alone appear to be identical - it's the folder that changed.
On the mac we change the color of the folder name to indicate new so you get bold + blue text to indicate new.  We could certainly try this concept on the other OSes but we should probably open a new bug for that.  I can imagine a lot of push back for removing the icons.  Then again I have an active imagination. :)
Bryan: I like that idea, and it would be a lot clearer and easier to spot than now.
I hope you've all been paying attention in the beta 3 feedback thread!  It seems almost everyone is rather unhappy with the icon changes:

Also, if anyone cares to take a look, I created a theme using the old TB2 icons.  I highly suggest that Windows users at least have a choice of themes:
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