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[meta] windows xp theme


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Windows XP
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Thunderbird 3.0b3


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This bug is for tracking a windows xp theme for Thunderbird 3.  Most of this work is going to involve porting over the various theme elements from the tango work for the linux gnomestripe theme.

see bug 415415 for the similar linux tango theme tracker
Flags: wanted-thunderbird3+
Depends on: 488104
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As I've noted in a couple of other bugs, please pay some attention to the comments in the beta 3 feedback thread!  It seems almost everyone is rather unhappy with the icon changes:

User input and feedback is extremely important at this point!  Please be careful because many seem to feel things are going backwards recently.  It's a shame because TB3 has a lot of potential, except for the (mostly) unwanted UI changes.

Also, if anyone cares to take a look, I created a theme using the old TB2 icons.  I highly suggest that Windows users at least have a choice of themes:

It will be interesting to follow the feedback that comes from my "new" theme.  If the consensus is that it's better than the current direction, I'm hoping you'll consider taking that into account and reverting back to at least some of the old icons and gui design.
Depends on: 508548
Depends on: 509268
(In reply to comment #1)
I second every word of this comment. Please don't make Tango (or whatever this new TB3 theme is) the default. TB2 default theme looks sooo much better.
TB2 theme is much clearer and more user-friendly. 

Please do NOT change to this new Tango icon set.
Depends on: 514072
Mass move to the new theme component.
Component: Mail Window Front End → Theme
QA Contact: front-end → theme
Is there any scenario where we'd expend further energy on a platform that's on it's way out?
*Sigh* Yes, probably. Unfortunately TB is widely used on XP, and considering many businesses are hesitant to update (Especially since Microsoft is actually *still* releasing security updates), we probably should support it for a while longer. When I get some stats that indicate the % of users on XP is miniscule, then we can drop the energy.

That said, Richard and I generally do put more time and resources into current platforms (Aero and Classic).
With TB 53 Windows XP is deprecated.
Closed: 4 years ago
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