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tracking bug for build and release of firefox 4.0b8


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Waiting for "Go to build"...
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Depends on: 617188
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buildbot-configs (w/o l10n-changesets_mozilla-2.0)

r+, but don't bother updating the mozilla-central version -- I think it just confuses which config is supposed to be used.
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m-c version bump

changeset:   59188:f11f7ed625ba
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(In reply to comment #5)
It would be nice if you could ensure you do Bug 611291 before doing this.
No, the addons people should be watching our release mailing list, or an RSS feed of the version in the hg repo, eg
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This should set-up one of the 0.7.x Buildbot masters for a run of win32 repacks. I have dropped Linux and Mac from the platforms list to avoid any potential for retriggering those repacks by accident.

I matched up the rest of the data with the 0.8.x release config, though most of it will be unused here.

Passes checkconfig.
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set-up 0.7.x buildbot master for 4.0b8 win32 repacks

changeset abe884259481 has the b3 tag, but no b7 tag. bhearsum noted in irc that the tagged revision is different, but should be the one used. He'll fix that on landing. 

Everything else looks great, so r+ with that fix.
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set-up 0.7.x buildbot master for 4.0b8 win32 repacks

Landed on default and production.
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Add ja to update verify configs
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Several reports are claiming that the feedback button doesn't work in 4.0b8 (see bug 620724) - it keeps claiming that the user doesn't have a beta build. Is this a problem with the update-channel ?
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