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meta: nokia, WORKBASE branch patches


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(Depends on 2 open bugs, )


I'll link here all bugs related to diff between[default] and[WORKBASE]

Here is the possible patch queue:

I and jbos will link here related bugs with patches.

* filepicker
* statusbar, activate/deactivate fix and keyboard
* qtnetwork

The patches most like do not work as is and need some fixing. First we should take care that people can work here without having a nokia prototype device and test i.e. on a Ideapad Meego Release. Or maybe N900 but due to the lack of multitouch i would not take N900.

Also we should try to use official sdk releases and if those not work force people to make it work.
Depends on: 619042, 609844, 609843
Depends on: 551138
Depends on: 619176
A first documentation about how to compile and run firefox mobile for meego is to be found here:
Depends on: 620647
Depends on: 621527
Blocks: 621224
Depends on: 621931
Blocks: 621228
Blocks: 621226
Blocks: 621236
Blocks: 621227
Blocks: 621233
Blocks: 621232
Blocks: 622704
Blocks: 622713
Depends on: 618810
Depends on: 626593
Depends on: 626595
Depends on: 628687
Depends on: 628696
Depends on: 625686
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