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Kuma: WYSIWYG Editor


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Build a WYSIWYG editor into the Kuma platform. Provide one-click buttons for code/pre/bold/italic/h1-h3 and ideally a configurable toolbar.
This bug is similar to the following bug, but limited to the WYSIWYG. Separate bugs will be open for the other things mentioned.
Assignee: nobody → lcrouch
Version: unspecified → Kuma
Assignee: lcrouch → nobody
Target Milestone: 1.0 alpha → ---
Target Milestone: --- → 0.9.8
Whiteboard: [u: user] [c: wiki] → u=user c=wiki
No story points were listed here previously. For now, I'm assuming that this work requires about 2 story points so that I can begin calculating velocity.

If you feel this story should have a different number of story points, please feel free to update as necessary. Thanks!
Whiteboard: u=user c=wiki → u=user c=wiki p=2
I had left this at 0 since it's an umbrella bug for bug 665122 bug 665124 bug 665128; those bugs have points.

Do we want to include points for the umbrella bugs or just the sub-tasks?
Whiteboard: u=user c=wiki p=2 → u=user c=wiki
Target Milestone: 0.9.8 → 0.9.9
I think it makes sense to list 0 points for umbrella bugs. This is what we agreed upon in the past, at least.

For now, I have set the points to 0. Please feel free to change if we feel otherwise.
Whiteboard: u=user c=wiki → u=user c=wiki p=0
Whiteboard: u=user c=wiki p=0 → u=user c=wiki
Priority: -- → P1
Hey Luke. How is this going?

Bug 665124 is marked as a dependency, but I just realized that it was moved out of 0.9.9 a couple of weeks ago. Is 665124 still preventing this from being completed by Thursday?
this is another 0-point umbrella bug. we can pull out of 0.9.9 or move to 1.0
That sounds good to me.

It seems like it would be best to keep all umbrella bugs in the product backlog until we want to totally verify that it is complete. For example, we could move this into 1.0.1 if we decide that we want to be done with everything-WYSIWYG by that point.

Target Milestone: 0.9.9 → 1.0
In our user interview, Sheppy mentioned the WYSIWYG as something he especially likes about the current MDN site. He mentioned that there are problems with the WYSIWYG, but that he is used to them. Sheppy also mentioned that many of the issues people have with the WYSIWYG can in fact be blamed on the Firefox's rich text editor, Midas.
Whiteboard: u=user c=wiki → [user-interview] u=user c=wiki
Depends on: 677695
Depends on: 677696
No longer depends on: 665124
Blocks: 757255
ali can you recruit the docs team to test out the WYSIWYG editor in Kuma? It's a newer version of ckeditor so I'm sure there are some features we want or need to adjust.
Blocks: 756263
Depends on: 764951
Depends on: 764988
Depends on: 765030
Depends on: 766658
Closing this one out. The WYSIWYG has been build and is generally working to the satisfaction of our users. Moving forward, we can open specific bugs about specific changes that need to be made to it.
Closed: 12 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Hi, sorry for the drive-by off-topic question, but will there be a markup editor as well? If possible using mediawiki markup? Since many people know mediawiki already, that would go a long way to ease contributions (not denying that other people will prefer wysiwig!)
The immediate answer is no. We aimed for MindTouch parity to start. But we have ideas about changing the editor in the future.

Supporting MediaWiki markup could be ... tricky. All of the content from MindTouch and now in Kuma is stored in HTML, not markup. Might be a way to monkey-patch a MediaWiki editor and pre-render before storing to the database, but that would be really tricky depending on how a MediaWiki editor would render the HTML vs. the current WYSIWYG ckeditor.
stored in HTML. (since HTML *is* a markup language, after all! :)
Version: Kuma → unspecified
Component: Website → Landing pages
Product: → Graveyard
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