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We will eventually need a pool of 10.8 test machines.
Component: Release Engineering → Release Engineering: Developer Tools
OS: Mac OS X → Windows Mobile 6 Professional
QA Contact: release → lsblakk
Component: Release Engineering: Developer Tools → Release Engineering: Platform Support
OS: Windows Mobile 6 Professional → Mac OS X
QA Contact: lsblakk → coop
Depends on: 759466
Will we have an image to deploy to the 10.8 testers in the next couple of weeks, or should we just initially put the builder image onto them?
Depends on: 762512
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Comment 3

5 years ago
Live in production.
We need feedback on the image. We are stalled on this work until we hear back.

Comment 5

5 years ago
My understanding from bug 759466 is that these machines are available with the old 10.7.2 image because there are problems running DS with 10.8.  I just logged into the machines and confirmed that.

bld-lion-r5-091:~ cltbld$ uname -a
Darwin bld-lion-r5-091.build.releng.scl3.mozilla.com 11.2.0 Darwin Kernel Version 11.2.0: Tue Aug  9 20:54:00 PDT 2011; root:xnu-1699.24.8~1/RELEASE_X86_64 x86_64

Regarding comment #4 - what feedback are you looking for?
There seems to be some confusion here; let me try and clear that up.  bld-anything is a build machine and should not be part of this bug at all, and I'm not sure why comments 2 and 3 reference them, since this bug is for talos-lion-r5-001 - talos-lion-r5-090 only.

Second, there are two things blocking getting the testers base image rolled out right now.  One of them is the issue with deploy studio (relops side), but also a decision (from releng) on what image we should be using (I'd recommend using the standard distro, not server, for example, but we need to know what has to be baked into the base image before puppet is applied, e.g. the compiler suite, etc).  These two things can be done in parallel for the most part, but are both blocking the final outcome.  We will need a decision on the image to use before we test an actual rollout, though.

Comment 7

5 years ago
Thanks for the clarification Amy :-)  

I'm still a bit confused, is there a machine I can look at that has a newer image than the machine I'm already using for testing (r5-puppetagain-1) ?

I'd agree that the standard distro is the one we want.  I don't think we need to the compiler suite since these will be just test machines not build machines.   Unless you use the same image for both test and build machines when we need them too.  Coop, do you agree?
Doh, I misspoke, I meant:

talos-mtnlion-r5-001 - talos-mtnlion-r5-090

Kim: There is no newer image right now (even manually installed), no, since Server vs standard hasn't been decided on.  :}

And by compiler suite, I mean XCode, which has other stuff in it too (like libraries).  I know that installing that via puppet was an issue before, but I'm not sure what the requirements are for the mountain lion talos machines.
To verify that imaging was working to the new test VLAN and to make sure we didn't have any DOA machines, I've gone ahead and installed a vanilla 10.7.2 image on the 90 talos-mtnlion-r5 machines and added them to nagios.

This is obviously not the final OS image that will go on these, but getting them up now does make it somewhat easier to deploy remotely later, since we can netboot from the running OS.
It would be great if the image also had XCode installed by default.  Some of the existing Mac puppet manifests that I'm migrating use some of the command line tools that come with XCode and I haven't found a way to install XCode via puppet.  (I don't know how to get the DMG, I only seem to be able to download it via the app store)


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10.8 tests are now running in production.  Bug 786084 is tracking the test failures.
Depends on: 786084
In slavealloc I pointed talos-mtnlion-r5-001/002/003/010 at preproduction to squelch the login errors on the production masters.
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