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[tracker] Mozillians Profile Privacy Controls


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Initial Questions:

Project/Feature Name: Mozillians Profile Privacy Controls
Tracking  ID:
We have a Q1 goal to "Release privacy controls to allow Mozillians to have a public profile page and be recognized for their contributions."

To implement this goal we want to create a mechanism whereby registered users of can make some fields in their Mozillians profile public. Doing so would make these profiles and the specified fields viewable by...
* non-vouched Mozillians
* not-logged-in internet visitors
* search engines and other crawlers

Additional Information:
Urgency: 2-4 weeks
Key Initiative: All
Release Date: 2013-03-28
Project Status: active
Mozilla Data: Yes
New or Change: Existing
Mozilla Project: Marketing Initiative
Mozilla Related: and current/future API users of
Separate Party: No
Depends on: 843871
Justin - It looks like there were some errors generating the dependent bugs. I've filed a bug reporting the problem. Could you please open the needed bugs separately and mark them as blockers for this bug? Sorry for the inconvenience.

Data Safety Review:
Privacy-Technical Review:, I think Product Review is the right component
Privacy-Policy Review:, I think Privacy Policies is the right component
Depends on: 844267
Depends on: 844269
Depends on: 844272
Duplicate of this bug: 842645
Summary: Mozillians Profile Privacy Controls → [tracker] Mozillians Profile Privacy Controls
This feature is described in great detail here:
Group: mozilla-corporation-confidential
Depends on: 846026
Depends on: 846039
Depends on: 846049
Depends on: 846051
Depends on: 848964
Depends on: 848967
Depends on: 849018
Depends on: 850259
Depends on: 850351
Depends on: 850428
The new Mozillians privacy controls are in staging and tagged for a 3/28 release.
Launched and announced to the community!
Closed: 9 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Bumping to verified \o/ privacy controls landed and have been in the wild for some time. People are happier and healthier now.
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