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Locale switching and selection
4 years ago
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We would like Fennec's locale options to be decoupled from the underlying OS locale selection.

That involves:

* A UI for making an election. Bug 917480, with reuse from Bug 881510.
* Facilities for switching locales, either the hard way (restarting the browser) or the soft way (runtime swap). This involves solving some performance questions, too.
* Ideally: facilities for downloading locales at runtime, so we don't have to ship them all.
* Reach goal: l20n support. If we're moving outside the realm of R.java, we should target enough modularity that we can switch to Mozilla's next-gen tooling.

This is a meta bug to track these components.
Depends on: 936756
Depends on: 945123
Depends on: 945125
Depends on: 937179
Depends on: 955805
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Depends on: 957381
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No longer depends on: 997589
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Component: General → Locale switching and selection
Depends on: 864753
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