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[tracking] Clean up localization bootstrap in Gaia


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Different apps use different strategies to wait with initialization until the localization is ready.  Most of those strategies work around the mozL10n.ready() bug described in bug 993188.

When the bug is fixed, we will have two methods available: mozL10n.ready and mozL10n.once, which should simplify the bootstrap process for most of the apps.

This is the tracking bug for improving those apps.
Depends on: 993188
Depends on: 999195
Depends on: 999163
Depends on: 999155
Depends on: 999138
Depends on: 996291
Depends on: 1000130
Depends on: 999193
Depends on: 999132
Depends on: 996272
Depends on: 1000599
Depends on: 1000852
Depends on: 1000860
Depends on: 1000866
Depends on: 1000874
Depends on: 1000895
I suspect that this effort should have impact on memory usage. We replace a lot of lifelong-lasting-closures (and retain data structures for the whole app) with fire-and-remove closures.

I don't think we can easily measure the impact since we don't have solid memory tracking yet, and we switch it app by app, but it may be important for Gaia team to know about it.
Depends on: 1001453
Depends on: 1002498
Depends on: 1002625
Depends on: 1002772
Depends on: 1003184
Depends on: 1003191
Wohooo! :)
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