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Update Android SDK and build tools to 20


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While fixing bug 1016529, I noticed sdk 20 is out now. We have a few features that need 19+ (stumbler and restricted profiles), and once we know an sdk works, we should keep ourselves up to date.

I have new found tool-tool powers that I seem to finally be able to use, so I can do this for releng if they're ok with it (with reviews going to them).
Bug 1030265 covers raising our target SDK version. We'll also want to do something like Bug 1024238 to die early for outdated tools.
Blocks: 1030265
OS: Linux → Android
Hardware: x86_64 → All
Summary: Updated android sdk to 20 → Update Android SDK and build tools to 20
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I pushed this up to tooltool. Here are the manifest entries. Waiting on a try run
And I didn't update the version code in mozconfig. Lets try again:
We're hitting strange errors in proguard. rnewman hinted that they may be due to jdk1.6 (at least, he's seen them with Java6).
Depends on: 1043023
This can't come soon enough; just hit another thing that KitKat broke for which the fix is only available in 19+.
Whoops. Had to update mozconfig.common as well. Try again:
I was apparently at a bad revision for that push. Pulled. Lets try again:
Relanded in since 1052276 seems more likely at this point.
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Depends on: 1062231
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