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[BlueDroid][PTS][Meta] Bluetooth PTS test (v2.1 in aurora)


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In-house Scheduled PTS(Profile Tuning Suite) Test for v2.1 with BlueDroid stack.
Here's a guide for PTS usage at
Attached file A2DP.picsx
Attached file AVRCP.picsx
Attached file HFP.picsx
Attached file HSP.picsx
Attached file IOPT.picsx
Attached file OPP.picsx (obsolete) —
QA Contact: echang
See Also: → 1064733
Hi Eric,

All picsx files are attached.

Since nightly flame-kk build has been blocked by Bug 1063237,
please use 2014/9/09 tinderbox build [1] to test.

Suggested PTS version is 5.2.

Feel free to let me know if you encounter any issues, thanks!


There are few test cases are hard to perform and are allowed to skipped in in-house PTS testing, please refer to bug 939706 and bug 924800 for more information.
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Attached file OPP.picsx
Add these parameter names TSPC_OPP_2_17 ~ TSPC_OPP_2_23, TSPC_OPP_3_19 ~ TSPC_OPP_3_25 to picsx file and set the Value flag to FALSE.
Attachment #8486275 - Attachment is obsolete: true
Depends on: 1067722
Depends on: 1067733
Depends on: 1067740
Depends on: 1067743
Depends on: 1067745
Depends on: 1067747
Depends on: 1067763
Depends on: 1067764
Depends on: 1067766
Depends on: 1067767
Depends on: 1067774
Depends on: 1067822
Depends on: 1067826
Depends on: 1067835
Depends on: 1067839
Most items would be blocked by bug 1065999 since it breaks getPairedDevices functionality.
It's hard to proceed many cases if we can't have the correct paired device on UI.
Depends on: 1065999
This is just a local patch to ignore invalid properties reported by CAF if we want to proceed our test cases.
Depends on: 1078197
Depends on: 1078199
Depends on: 1078200
Depends on: 1078201
Change the status since all related issues verified.
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