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[meta] Support Syncing against a Sync 1.5 storage server


(Firefox for iOS :: Sync, defect)

iOS 8
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(Reporter: nalexander, Unassigned)


(Depends on 2 open bugs)


(Keywords: meta)

This ticket tracks consuming Firefox Account configuration and token server credentials to connect to and sync against a Sync 1.5 storage server.

This is a big ball of wax:

* managing credentials, certificates, and service configurations;
* managing first Sync and incremental Syncs;
* implementing the rudiments of a Sync 1.5 client (consuming meta/global; producing a client record);
* eventually syncing against a record collection.
* updating meta/global;
* etc.

The list is large.
Depends on: iostoken
No longer depends on: iostoken
Summary: (ios) [meta] Support Syncing against a Sync 1.5 storage server → [meta] Support Syncing against a Sync 1.5 storage server
Depends on: iostoken
Blocks: iossync
OS: iOS 7 → iOS 8
Depends on: 1141843
Depends on: 1141845
Depends on: 1141847
Depends on: 1141849
Depends on: 1141850
At some point we ought to split this bug up (and Bug 1127002, too) -- they're so coarse-grained that they can't possibly be achieved in a single release.

I'll be filing additional dependencies of this bug's dependencies to track individual features, such as "history sync". Each of those are certain to come with storage changes and other companion bugs.
Depends on: 1145463
Depends on: 1145464
Depends on: 1145494
Depends on: 1154139
Depends on: 1154463
Depends on: 1154551
Depends on: 1154553
Depends on: 1154554
Depends on: 1157303
Depends on: 1157306
Depends on: 1166812
Depends on: 1167010
Depends on: 1158216
Depends on: 1178582
Done enough!
Closed: 7 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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