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[Meta] Firefox OS Performance Task Force


(Firefox OS Graveyard :: Performance, defect)

Gonk (Firefox OS)
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(Reporter: bobby.chien+bugzilla, Assigned: bobby.chien+bugzilla)



(Keywords: perf)

Meta case of Raptor platform.
Alias: Raptor
tracking-b2g: --- → +
Alias: Raptor
Depends on: 1132697
Eli, Bobby, or Whomever is leading this effort,

Please provide a brief outline or link to a wiki that outlines the plan for delivering this. Some of the blocking issues are CAF 2.2 FL blockers with no recent update or clear understanding of their delivery priority relative to the other Raptor issues like bug 1129687 which is actively being worked on. 

Flags: needinfo?(eperelman)
Flags: needinfo?(bchien)
As owner of the Gaia Performance Tests, I can't say what this meta bug or its priorities are being driven from. Our (Gaia Performance Automation) highest priority right now is bug 1088108.
Flags: needinfo?(eperelman)
I didn't aware bug 1088108 was created to track raptor tasks. I create this case for tracking raptor relative development tasks for performance team. This is not for Gaia Performance Automation tasks.
Component: Gaia::PerformanceTest → Performance
Flags: needinfo?(bchien)
Summary: [Meta] Raptor performance test platform → [Meta] Raptor performance tests
Assignee: nobody → bchien
Summary: [Meta] Raptor performance tests → [Meta] Raptor performance tasks (Taipei)
No longer depends on: 1112119, 1129134, 1129445, 1129687, 1132175, 1132179
Depends on: gfxperf
Summary: [Meta] Raptor performance tasks (Taipei) → [Meta] Performance Task Force (Taipei)
Depends on: B2G-Multicore
Alias: PerformanceTaskForce
Depends on: AppStartup
Depends on: 1161387
Depends on: 1072381
Depends on: 1163471
Depends on: 989590
Depends on: 1163459
Depends on: 1159997
Depends on: 835404
Depends on: AppsDogfooding
[Tracking Requested - why for this release]:
Whiteboard: [perf-wanted]
Keywords: perf
Depends on: nga-performance
Depends on: MTBF-B2G
Whiteboard: [perf-wanted]
Summary: [Meta] Performance Task Force (Taipei) → [Meta] Performance Task Force
Depends on: 1192746
Depends on: 1198632
Depends on: 1180703
Alias: PerformanceTaskForce → PerformanceProgram
Summary: [Meta] Performance Task Force → [Meta] Firefox OS Performance Task Force
No longer depends on: 1072381
No longer depends on: 1159997
Depends on: 1180705
Depends on: 1207037
Depends on: 1180696
Depends on: 994998
Depends on: 1219103
Depends on: 1219559
No longer depends on: 994998
Depends on: LowStorage
Depends on: 1224472
Depends on: 1184018
Closed: 4 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
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