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[userstory] Preset Device Choices


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User Story

User Story:

* As a web developer I am targeting a specific device like the iPhone 5s and I would like to be able to easily choose that device by name from a list such that I don't have to look up the screen size and enter the information manually.

Acceptance Criteria:

* Common devices available from a regularly maintained list
* Choosing a device change the viewport to match the constraints of the new device
* List of popular devices for initial display to users as target devices
* Way to customize the list of target devices


*The entire device does not need to be available all at once, we may want an interface that allows you to choose a set of devices for a set of devices you intend to target.

We have the beginnings of a device database on github which is being used for the WebIDE:


* Chrome offers a limited set of devices they build directly into Chrome releases.  Their device list is more mature than ours and offers slightly more information.  A side goal of ours is to work with Developer Services on a device list service that can crowd-source the information needed.


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Could have sworn there was a bug for this already...

Anyway, we should integrate the device catalog into the responsive mode preset list.
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I have local patch that implements this, but it's also based on top of a large patch set...

Anyway, you are welcome to give it a shot if you like!  I'll likely come back and land my version eventually if it's not done by then.
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This patch adds the functionality, but the command button no longer updates it's state. I guess the way we check for responsive mode state will probably need a refactor unless we don't use async initialization.
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Summary: Use device catalog in Responsive Mode → [userstory] Preset Device Choices
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User Story: (updated)
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I believe this feature is complete according to the user story in 52 and later.  We can track bugs and tweaks separately.
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