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Bookmark manager context menu needs "Open in New Tab" option


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From bookmark menu, go to book mark manager.

Right click on a bookmark. There is Open, Open in New Window, but no "Open in
new Tab".

This should be consistent with the link context menu.
I don't think the Bookmarks window should have `Open in New Window' in the 
first place, let alone `Open in New Tab'. `Open in New Window' implies that 
just doing a normal `Open' will open the bookmark in the Bookmarks window 
itself. Bookmarks should trigger the same pref as mail/news or non-Mozilla apps 
for whether external links open in new windows or existing windows; if you want 
to override that pref in particular situations, drag and drop into a new window 
or onto the tab bar.
Didn't know about dragging into the tab bar. That's cool.

As far as what should appear, it should be neither or both.
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If Open in New Tab is added to the bookmarks menu it should also be added to the
personal toolbar menu (right-click over a folder in the PTM). If Open in New
Window is removed, it should also be taken off the PTM.

I'd prefer all three (Open, open in new window, open in new tab) as it's more
user friendly.
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That's more a User Interface issue.
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My enhancement idea has been added to this "bug". It is to be able to r click on
a *folder* on the personal toolbar and choose to have it open all links
contained in the folder in a single tabbed window? And it would open them in the
order that the links are arranged in. It would display the first link while the
other links loaded in thier own tabs. The same option could perhaps be available
in the bookmarks if it's easy to implement. 

What better way to truely show the power of tabbed windows? I can see where this
concept would be a significant user feature unique to the Mozilla project,
showing off the already nice tab implementation. It would greatly speed the
everyday user's browsing experience.

I also very much support the original proposal of this "bug", which is to be
able to get "open in a new tab" in the R click of bookmarks and the personal

An eventual extension of this idea could be to assign a folder as a home page
link instead of a single link.
Please disregard my comments. I was incorrectly pointed this bug number. The
correct bug number for my issue is 119599. Sorry for any confusion.
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Has there been any indication that this 'feature' will be included in any
upcoming builds? It seems to have gone on the back burner, and yet, it's
probably one of the more sort after requests...
i don't want open in new tab, and if it takes removing open in new window to 
get this bug wontfixed, i will support that.

Indication? we're busy deciding what to do. nothing will happen to 
nightly or release binaries until:
1. a decision is made
2. if that decision is along the lines of the request, someone needs to write 
some code
3. someone would then need to find a reviewer who would have to positively r= 
the code
4. ... and a super reviewer to positively sr= the code
5. and then check it in (assuming the tree is open and not restricted) or find 
someone to check it in.

But hopefully this bug will die at step 1.
Whiteboard: DONTFIX
Bookmark context menu is different for bookmark folder and single bookmark, in
both menus is item 'Open in New Window', but it has different meaning. This is
IMHO confusing. Futhermore, community wanna have also 'Open in New Tab'. 

If we can differentiate actions 'open bookmark in new browser window', 'open
bookmark in new browser tab' and 'open bookmark folder in new bookmark manager
window', "Open in New Tab" menu item should be added and everybody will be happy.

Matthew: To your comment 1 - Bookmarks are integral part of browser, not
stand-alone application like mail/news. Bookmarks advance a leisure of browsing,
similarly as Tabbed Browsing does. So, there should be "Open in New Tab" menu item.
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Nominating for buffy, a bunch of 7.0 users requested this.
Keywords: nsbeta1
Whiteboard: DONTFIX
Nav triage team: nsbeta1+/adt2
Keywords: nsbeta1nsbeta1+
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Nominating for mozilla1.2.
Keywords: mozilla1.2
Yes. I support this the orignal "brainstormer," and first comment on this issue
except for removing any features (eg Removing `Open in New Tab'. `Open in New
Window' . It will be at least once feature that would seperate Netscape/Mozilla
from IE.

Well apparentenly  this is a "popular feature" everyone including me would like
to see.

Feature not in 
Mozilla 1.1
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Win98; en-US; rv:1.1) Gecko/20020826

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It would be nice if a middle-click in the bookmark-sidebar would open a link in
a new tab, in addition to the context menu (if option "middle click or control
click ..." is checked in preferences->navigator->tabbed browsing.

I'm missing this feature for a long time now.
We have an "open link in a new tab"  from mail preview (bug 181063)

So I think it is a little ourious to have ut not from the bookmarks and sidebar-

For me it would be very helful to have this function.

This wish is discussed in bug 16477, bug 114314, bug 116531, bug 117449

I think work on the bug should be concentrated in bug 117449, other bugs should
be colosed with DUP.
Drag & drop a link on the "new tab icon" in the tab bar nicely opens a new tab
with the bookmark.

However doing the same action with a bookmark folder throws a "NC is not a
registered protocol" alert dialog (Mozilla 1.2)

I would like the "Open in new tab" menu entry as well as the CTRL+click added to
Mozilla 1.3
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Target Milestone: Future → mozilla1.4beta
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Priority: -- → P3
Target Milestone: mozilla1.4beta → mozilla1.4alpha
Now that we've got "Open in New Tab" added to the context menu in Mozilla Mail,
let's finish it off by having it in the Bookmarks section too. :)

It's fixed on the bookmarks branch which should land soon.
Using the 2003-03-25-03 Macho (OS X) and 2003-03-25-04 Win32 trunk builds, the
"Open in New Tab" option appears in the contextual menu.
Confirming under XP.  So - this has now either been fixed by a checkin elsewhere
(that "bookmarks branch") or is a dupe of something else that's been fixed?
Fixed by bug 196756. Verified.

Closed: 17 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Product: Browser → Seamonkey
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