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Required by Enhanced Steam and others. We might be to not actually sync anything and just copy for now.
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Been chatting to Tarek about this, I think the work that they are doing on kinto might be a good match.
We have a storage lib in Firefox (kinto.js) that's quite close to the reqs. The plan is to prototype a chrome API wrapper on the top of it and see where it goes.
I plan to do some work on this during Q1.
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Any update on this? I don't see any updates here or on github.
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Ethan, would you like to reassign this bug to yourself?
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The code has been implemented, that was mostly done in bug 1253740. It won't go into production until we've got the production stack stood up, so I've added those as dependencies on this.

Once that's done we'll close this bug, any follow up work is in a new tracking bug 1311710.
Depends on: 1331467 is now implemented and on by default for Firefox 53, there are a few follow up bugs and issues of course, but for the purposes of all those tracking this should be done. If you have any suggested improvements please file them on bug 1311710.

I've made some notes on the level of support from Mozilla, Will we should get something like that on MDN. Expect maybe worded a little nicer.
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(In reply to Andy McKay [:andym] from comment #9)
> I've made some notes on the level of support from Mozilla, Will we should
> get something like that on MDN. Expect maybe worded a little nicer.

Andy, what's the quota limit for sync? The Wiki page says "that's why there is a low limit of the amount of data" but not what the limit is.

Also can you elaborate a bit on "We don't provide ... any guarantees about data retention"? Does this mean, we don't guarantee that you will be able to access any data that you have stored there (i.e. we might just delete it)?

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The quota is 100kb, the same as Chrome based on the idea that its for storing preferences.

We might just delete the server and data, but hopefully not. We don't really provide an SLA on our services, but I wanted to get across to developers that this is not a service with an expected uptime, or performance but rather as is. Writing an extension that expects it to be always available and guaranteeing the data hasn't had something happen to it will merely end in disappointment and little sympathy when people email us angrily.

If we find is really useful to developers we might increase its use in the future and provide something with more guarantees.
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I added something on this, please let me know if it covers things. I couldn't really improve much on your wording :).
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Looks good, thanks.
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