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Enable JSON Viewer for all channels

RESOLVED FIXED in Firefox 53



Developer Tools: JSON Viewer
a year ago
a month ago


(Reporter: jryans, Assigned: jryans)


(Depends on: 5 bugs, {dev-doc-complete})

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We currently only enable JSON Viewer for Dev. Edition.

At the very least, I think we should include Nightly.  But, why not let it ride the trains to release?
:clarkbw / :Honza, any thoughts one way or another?
Flags: needinfo?(odvarko)
Flags: needinfo?(clarkbw)
Yep I like that. We could start with Nightly, wait a big and continue further if there are no complaints.

Flags: needinfo?(odvarko)
Let's do a quick run through of the current bugs filed and assuming none are high priority I don't see a reason to keep it back.
Flags: needinfo?(clarkbw)
Ok, here's the list of 10 bugs as it currently stands (includes this one as well so 9 really)

I'm going to use this bug as our blocker for what needs to be done to ship in production.
Now there are 19 since I broke down bug 1223143 into smaller pieces.

Here's my initial list:

bug 1240494 - avoid AMD modules
bug 1240658 - JSON.parse error on npm registry
bug 1230583 - fixes a number of visual issues from bug 1223143
bug 1216609 - fix linkable colour
bug 1244265 - save button is broken
bug 1244268 - remove expanders on headers tab
bug 1244910 - fonts need improving
bug 1244912 - hide summary when object is expanded
bug 1244916 - hide count of empty arrays
bug 1244919 - show colon for object attributes
bug 1244920 - show object and array brackets of expanded objects

I really like but probably shouldn't block
bug 1198558 - better broken JSON support

Would be nice
bug 1217131 - filter should show complete objects, not just matches
bug 1244922 - improve search syntax
bug 1244763 - independent zoom level from page
I thought there as a 'linkify URLs' bug already but now I don't see it. :-(
This is great summary Bryan!
I'll be looking at that step by step.

Depends on: 1245121
I'm probably going to block on bug 1245282 as well once we have a chance to try it out.

Our questions are these:

# Overall
* How often do people use the JSON Viewer?
-- Understand the value of this tool compared to other tools we develop
-- release (opt-out)

# Performance (set these to expire 6 months after landing)
* How quickly are we rendering the object?
-- Understand if we're hitting large documents which are rendering slowly and need to improve our perf
-- pre-release (opt-in)

* Size of the object/file?
-- Not sure this is correct.  Trying to guess why render could be slow.
-- pre-release (opt-in)

# Features
** Save
** Copy
* Raw
** Pretty Print
** Save
** Copy
* Headers
** Copy
* Search
-- Click counts so we can understand the most used features
-- pre-release (opt-in)
Flagging this for security review.  This code has been available on Aurora and recently Nightly but will soon ride the trains to release.  I've heard that the React library has already been reviewed for use by the Hello team.

Brief summary:
This is a viewer which renders JSON documents which are normally rendered as plain text into an HTML tool for browsing and searching the document information.  It should not be triggered by iframes.  You should be able to try out the JSON Viewer by navigating to a JSON document like this: in DevEdition or a current Nightly build.
Flags: sec-review?
Keywords: dev-doc-needed
Duplicate of this bug: 1251949
Flagging dveditz for the sec-review here.  Code is perhaps still in flux right now, want to get this on your radar.
Flags: needinfo?(dveditz)
Duplicate of this bug: 1251949


a year ago
Blocks: 1251949
Depends on: 1316393
Priority: -- → P3
What are we still waiting for here?

Can we just ship it? :)
Flags: needinfo?(clarkbw)
(In reply to J. Ryan Stinnett [:jryans] (use ni?) from comment #14)
> What are we still waiting for here?
> Can we just ship it? :)

Flags: needinfo?(clarkbw)
Flags: needinfo?(dveditz)
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Assignee: nobody → jryans
Priority: P3 → P1
status-firefox47: affected → ---

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3 months ago
Comment on attachment 8824561 [details]
Bug 1243951 - Enable JSON Viewer for all channels.


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2 months ago
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Enable JSON Viewer for all channels. r=Honza

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2 months ago
Last Resolved: 2 months ago
status-firefox53: --- → fixed
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Target Milestone: --- → Firefox 53


2 months ago
Depends on: 1330827
Keywords: dev-doc-needed → dev-doc-complete
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