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Run code analyzer in automation to avoid common errors (FindBugs, PMD, error-prone)


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We recently fixed a crash caused by simply forgetting a "break" in a switch statement. That's something most (static) code analyzers warn about. Right now we do not run such a tool in automation and therefore miss such problems if the reviewer doesn't see it.

There are gradle plugins for findbugs or PMD. Integration should be easy and more or less the same as our "checkstyle" task.

Running findbugs locally reports 650 warnings (77 high priority / 573 medium priority). If we fix the high priority warnings then we could run those checks in automation.
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I don't really have a preference for one of the tools. FindBugs seems to be very easy to integrate and widely used.
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I filed bugs for all the "high priority" warnings from find bugs. After fixing those bugs we can run those checks in automation. They are all marked as "good first bugs".
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