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[meta] Implement sidebar updates for Photon


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For Photon, we're changing a few things regarding how sidebars work. Specifically:

- we'll update the header styling
- we'll make it possible to switch between different sidebars from the header
- the sidebar toolbar button should appear in the toolbar by default
- the sidebar button reflects when the sidebar is open
Flags: qe-verify-
Depends on: 1354083
Duplicate of this bug: 1331507
Do you know yet if it will still be possible to add web pages to the sidebar like you can now (with the "Load this bookmark in the sidebar" option?)
Whiteboard: [photon] → [photon-structure]
Duplicate of this bug: 856307
Depends on: 1360282
Depends on: 1364238
Depends on: 1365637
Depends on: 1366851
Depends on: 1370686
Depends on: 1374812
Depends on: 1374815
No longer depends on: 1374812
Depends on: 1375080
Depends on: 1386361
Depends on: 1391280
Depends on: 1391549
Depends on: 1395407
Depends on: 1387843
Depends on: 1405382
Depends on: 1406367
Depends on: 1407737
Depends on: 1532282
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