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Bug 1375892: Locale font fallbacks

The way the locale font fallbacks work is:
- The font stack includes made up keywords (`x-locale-body`,
  `x-locale-heading-primary`, `x-locale-heading-secondary`)
- When the browser doesn't recognize the keywords it falls back
  to the next font in the stack
- We can load CSS files specific to each locale. In those files we can
  include an `@font-face` declaration which defines the keywords. This
  causes the defined font to be loaded and displayed.
- Best practice for Asian character sets (ie Chinese) is to load a
  preferred display font and then specify a better fallback for the
  Chinese. This is because Chinese fonts have English characters but
  they look terrible.

Changes in this PR:
- Removed the @font-face declaration for Zilla from the main.css file.
- Added made up keyword x-locale-heading-primary to the front of the
  heading font stack.
- Added made up keywords `x-locale-heading-secondary`, and
  `x-locale-body` to the font stack as fallback fonts
- Added locale specific files for each locale which Zilla supports.
  These files each include the Zilla @font-face declaration which
  enables Zilla to load into its place in the font stack.
- Because font paths are relative the SCSS variables are complicated.
  To handle loading Zilla from the locale files I had to move the
  Zilla files into the locale folder and the _zilla.scss file in with
  the other locale style sheets.
- Copied locale specific fixes for Open Sans from bedrock to kuma
  using the x-locale-body keyword to load in better fallbacks.
    - Did not copy font-variant fixes since we don't use font variants.
- Declared new heading defaults for locales with Arabic alphabet by
  defining a font-face for x-locale-heading-primary in those locale
  specific files.
Merge pull request #4317 from mozilla/1370594-locale-fonts

Bug 1375892: Locale font fallbacks
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Redesigned finished! :)

Closed: 5 months ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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