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[tracker] Firefox Browser Chrome JS Error Collection


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(Depends on 2 open bugs)


The goal of this project is to evaluate the utility of collecting JavaScript errors in the Firefox browser chrome. We suspect that many of these errors are going unreported by users (as they only show up in the browser console), and many more that are eventually caught by our QA process could be caught and resolved faster with an automated collection system.

Product requirements document:

We have already run a preliminary study (bug 1423784) that confirmed the order of magnitude of errors occurring on Nightly to aid with load-testing Sentry for use in a prototype.
Depends on: 1426482
Depends on: 1432243
Depends on: 1438103
Depends on: 1440534
Depends on: 1440816
Depends on: 1441366
Depends on: 1444554
Depends on: 1445009
Depends on: 1445012
Depends on: 1445011
See Also: → 1445814
Depends on: 1449312
Depends on: 1449367
Depends on: 1450153
Depends on: 1450156
Depends on: 1451695
Depends on: 1451777
Depends on: 1452798
Depends on: 1454549
Depends on: 1461439
Depends on: 1464138
Depends on: 1464521
Depends on: 1484776
Depends on: 1509888

Is this project done now? If so, can we close out this and other remaining bugs?

Depends on: 1509891

(In reply to Will Kahn-Greene [:willkg] ET needinfo? me from comment #1)

Is this project done now? If so, can we close out this and other remaining bugs?

Not yet, there's still some pending cleanup todo, I'd like to keep this open until that work finishes up.

Depends on: 1522617

I guess we can call this complete, there is the minor leftover of the rate-limiting sentry rules but I don't think keeping this tracking bug open for that will help much.

Closed: 5 years ago
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