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[meta] Re-enable disabled WebExtension mochitests on GeckoView


(WebExtensions :: Android, task)

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(Depends on 5 open bugs, Blocks 1 open bug)


(Keywords: meta)

In bug 1511134 and bug 1525959, some extension tests got disabled when run in GeckoView.

Some tests are already passing without changes; others will pass as we fill in the missing parts. We should try to re-enable as many tests as possible.

(note: for now this is only about plain mochitests. mochitest-chrome do currently not run at all, so they haven't been disabled - bug 1481945).

Some of these tests depend on being able to load an extension page (moz-extension:-URL), so I'll add a dependency on bug 1534640.

Depends on: 1534640
Depends on: 1507167
Depends on: 1563284

Multiple tests were disabled because the tabs event were not implemented. The implementation is being worked on in bug 1562844, and together with the working implementation, multiple tests can be re-enabled.

Depends on: 1562844
Depends on: 1565700

To whoever who works on enabling more mochitests: Note that on try servers, the TV jobs don't run with GeckoView (bug 1566423).
You should locally run tests with --verify as an alternative, for example with:

./mach mochitest -f plain --app org.mozilla.geckoview.test mobile/android/components/extensions/test/mochitest/ --verify

Use adb logcat to see the logs for debugging.

See Also: → 1566423
Depends on: 1577103
Depends on: 1581814
Depends on: 1620093
Depends on: 1625593
Depends on: 1641735
Depends on: 1615427
Depends on: 1644039
Duplicate of this bug: 1260245
See Also: → 1678068

I'm re-enabling some tests in bug 1641735, the last remaining one in mobile/android would be, blocked on the absence of a tab.lastAccessed implementation.

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